Brytec Ltd


Brytec manufacture and refurbish all types of cheese equipment including, cheese vats, cheese presses, cheese cutters, cheese piercers, cooling tables, sieves, cheese moulds, bowl choppers, cheese smokers.

Milk Dairies Equipment

We install and manufacture milk dairies complete with Bottle fillers (plastic and glass) Pasteurizers, Homogenizers, Separators, Labelling lines, Bottle washers , Boilers, Steam lines, Tanks and vessels.

 Milk Dairies Equipment

Yoghurt Equipment

 We can supply and install all types of yoghurt equipment such as yoghurt Potters ,Over wrappers, Batch Pasteurizers , Volumetric fillers , Cream Separators, Inkjet printers, Conveyors, Bin washers and more.

 Yoghurt Equipment

Meat Vac Packing Machines

 We work with butchers and wholesalers in the meat industry and can supply and maintain equipment such as vac packing machines, dicers and slicers, burger makers , dippers etc

Vegetable Preparation Equipment

We maintain and supply equipment for the vegetable preparation sector including, peelers, rumbler's, vac packers, dicers, dippers, slicers and can manufacture bespoke equipment on request.

Ice Cream Equipment

We maintain and sell equipment for the ice cream sector such as batch makers, continuous machines and can weld all the necessary pipe work for your ice cream plant.

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