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Build Check specialise in airtightness testing, acoustic testing, energy ratings and U-value analysis of doors, windows and facades and other testing and consultancy services to the building industry throughout the UK. We are also accredited for product certification of doors and windows.

We pride ourselves in providing a professional service focusing on customer care and high quality results.

We are recognised as a UKAS accredited certification and test laboratory. Our range of skills and expertise ensures that all your questions and concerns can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by one organisation.

Air Tightness Testing

Air tightness testing & consultancy

Build Check offer a comprehensive building air tightness testing service (also referred to as air permeability & air leakage) throughout the UK for both the Commercial and Dwellings markets. We are accredited by UKAS and are members of ATTMA (Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association) and are therfore approved by BINDT for undertaking Airtightness testing in compliance with Part L1 and L2 of the Building Regulations.

Additional associated services ensure that the air tightness strategy for every building is successful. Our range of services includes:

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Air Tightness Testing

Acoustic Testing

Sound Insulation testing to Part E
In July 2003 the Approved Document E – “Resistance to the passage of sound” came into force. This requires that at least 10% of all new residential properties are tested to demonstrate that the levels of sound insulation provided between dwellings are in compliance with the Building Regulations.


The amendments to Approved document E, which came into effect in July 2004, allowed the builder “to opt to use design details approved by Robust Details Ltd …”

Acoustic testing and certification is a more quantifiable and approved means of compliance.

The requirement of Approved Document E can be summarised as follows:

The type of tests required will depend on the type of dwelling. If there are both party walls and floors, a ‘set’ would involve six separate tests to establish the airborne wall performance between two pairs of rooms and both airborne and impact performance of the floors between two pairs of rooms. The selection of rooms to test would be at the discretion of Building Control.

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Acoustic Testing

Thermographic Surveys

Continuity of Insulation Inspections

Continuity of insulation inspections can be performed using an infrared camera to identify and visualise the amount of energy being emitted/lost through the building fabric. Hence any cold bridges or defects in insulation can be simply identified. Buildings with continuity of insulation can be heated more efficiently to conserve energy and save money. Therefore lower CO2 emissions can be achieved while providing a more comfortable and cost effective.

When the building is complete (but before hand-over) a thermographic survey is undertaken in accordance with BRE Report 176 or BS EN 1387: 1999.

Any anomalies identified are discussed with the contractor on site and a report produced in 5 working days.working/living environment for occupants.

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Thermographic Surveys

U-Value Analysis

Thermal Transmittance Calculation - U-value analysis of Building Components for Document L compliance

Build Check undertake thermal analysis of doors, windows, floors, roofs and walls to determine U-values in compliance with Approved Document L.

We also specialise in curtain walling systems and industrial roller shutter door U-value analysis.

Thermal Bridge analysis (Linear thermal transmittance calculations).

Thermal bridges are now controlled in AD L1 and L2, by reference to the document IP1/06 which introduces the concept of linear thermal transmittance (Psi), measured in W/mK. This is the additional heat loss through junctions of building elements per metre length of that detail.

In addition, condensation risk resulting from low surface temperatures at thermal bridges can be assessed and product designs reviewed to eliminate the risk of condensation and consequential damage to the building fabric.

U-Value Analysis

BFRC Simulations

Window Energy Ratings

Build Check employ a number of BFRC accredited simulators for calculating the energy performance of windows to attain BFRC Window Energy Ratings.

Simulation/calculation has the great advantage over physical testing (e.g. hotbox testing) of being able to alter product designs to achieve the desired performance criteria in a low cost and expedite manner.

On completion of the BFRC simulation, the window manufacturer can use the information as part of the certification process for gaining an energy rating for their products.

BFRC Simulations

CE Marking

CE Marking of Doors and Windows

Build Check are a notified body (No 1806) and can issue initial type testing reports for windows and doors in accordance with various standards referenced in EN 14351.

CE marking is the preferred method to prove compliance with the Construction Products Directive (CPD). Compliance is a legal requirement for manufacturers to place their products on the market in Europe.

In the UK, CE marking is not mandatory for construction products, but it is expected to become mandatory in 2013 and following the CPD is the most effective way of meeting these regulations.

Manufacturers wishing to export to any of the other Member States will be required to meet the Construction Products Directive and their products bear the CE mark.

Contact us for testing queries or CE Marking Certification schemes.

CE Marking

Weather Testing

Weather testing of Doors & Windows

We offer independent UKAS accredited weather testing for windows and doors.

Testing services include:

  • Testing of windows and doors to BS 6375:2009 Part 1
  • Air permeability to BS EN 1026:2000
  • Watertightness to BS EN 1027:2000
  • Resistance to wind load to BS EN 12211:2000
  • BFRC Air permeability
  • NSAI Air permeability
  • R&D test days

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Weather Testing

Glass & Glazing Product Certification

For manufacturers of sealed units, Build check can provide accreditation for insulating glass units in accordance with EN 1279 and thermally toughened glass in accordance with BS EN 14351-1

Glass & Glazing Product Certification
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