Build Consultants Ltd


Build Consultants provide affordable help for SME's with property constraints.  

  • Do you need to change your lease or freehold?  
  • Are you looking for new premises?  
  • Do you have premises to dispose of?
  • Do you need help to move your business, to expand or reduce your space?  
  • Do you need assistance with managing a construction project for your business?

Build Consultants provide practical help with aspects of your business beyond your own experience.  Our skills include

  1. Acquisition of Freehold & Leasehold Premises
  2. Sale of Freehold & Leasehold Premises
  3. Pricing, Costing, Estimating, budgeting
  4. Design Drawings
  5. Planning Permission, Pre-Planning
  6. Project Management
  7. Architecture
  8. Engineering
  9. Building Surveying
  10. Contract Law
  11. Contract Administration

Contact us for practical assistance given from your view, with your business needs uppermost.  We can survey, study your property needs and develop a plan that will chart your project from conception to completion on time, to quality and within budget.  Whether the need is for an industrial development, office or any type or commercial building, we have the ability to define your project and complete it.

Can we help?