Building Additions Ltd


Here at Building Additions, we specialise in manufacturing high quality folding partitions. With our established reputation, we are known throughout the UK for professional folding partition manufacturing, supply and installation.

Room Dividers

For inaccessible or non-existent support structures, Building Additions supply room dividers as an ideal solution. Our multifold room dividers are aesthetically pleasing, and are suitable for almost any environment.

Moveable Walls

Our moveable walls offer space saving efficiency to environments such as conference rooms and hotels, where the sound reduction quality is an essential aspect. Building Additions’ moveable walls are available in various structures.

Fabric Partitions

Fabric partitions are an economic solution to create space and are ideal for environments such as meeting rooms, village halls, schools and nurseries. Building Additions’ fabric partitions are designed with durable fabric and are simple and smooth to open and close.

Timber Partitions

Our timber partitions are structured from the highest quality wood veneers from Scandinavia. Offering natural ambience to any room, they can be suited for professional environments with three types of timber partition available.


Wooden Interior Folding Doors

Our wooden interior folding doors are an elegant natural addition to an interior design. Coming preassembled, we can arrange made-to-measure wooden interior folding doors to suit you requirements.

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