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Air Tightness Testing - Dwellings & Buildings

UKAS accredited to carry out air leakage testing of buildings

Testing to the current ATTMA Technical Standards, as required by the Building Regulations Part L for conservation of fuel and power
Testing of builders workshafts, risers and stairwells
Passivhause standard requirement testing
BTL provides an independent, professional and expedient testing service founded on over 20 years of air leakage testing expertise
Trained and qualified operatives
Independently UKAS calibrated equipment
Free advice service
Smoke tests

Raised Access Floors

UKAS accredited for Laboratory and In situ Testing of Raised Access Floors

Laboratory Testing:
MOB PF2 PS/SPU Performance Specification for raised access floors
Static loading and uniformly distributed loading
Dynamic test rigs for pedestrian and rolling loads
Rolling load testing of floor mounted air grilles
BSEN 13264 for air grilles
Air leakage and fire testing
Validation testing of new products and systems

In Situ Testing:
Airtightness testing of raised floor plenums
T42 pedestal stability swing-bag testing
Prior to purchase condition surveys
Post installation inspections
Failure investigation and defect analysis
Expert witness
UK wide service

Plenum Air Tightness

UKAS accredited specifically for plenum airtightness testing

Airtightness verification testing and rectification of pressurised plenum floors
Leading experts in this field with over 20 years experience - over 260,000 square meters of floor tested
Pre-installation mock-up testing
Expert advice for identification and location of leakage paths within the plenum void
'Hands on ' approach
Smoke testing

Major Developments tested: Swiss Re, BP Sunbury, GLA HQ, Grand Square Theatre Dublin, Southbank University, Mclarens Technology Centre, Arup HQ Fitzrovia, National Tennis Centre, Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

Building Inspection - Surveys

Buildings and Structures Testing & Inspection

Inspections, surveys and condition assessments
In situ load tests on anchors, fixings, hooks, cradle rails and lift beams
Technical consultancy
Cladding and windows - air leakage, water penetration and impact
Defect analysis and failure investigation
Concrete and screed

Consumer Product Testing

Comparative, benchmark and performance testing 
Routine testing in accordance with National and International Standards, industry norms, in-house specifications
Development of customised testing programmes
Evaluation of products for operability, productivity and durability
Evaluation of materials for specification compliance and fitness for purpose
Complaints investigation
Safety evaluation

• Automotive products – bumpers, racks
• Furniture – chairs, tables
• Garden Tools - shredders, mowers, blowers
• Hand tools – screwdrivers, hammers
• Kitchen and bathroom fixtures & fittings
• Ladders – combination, failures
• Power tools – drill, angle grinder, mitre saw
• Submersible pumps – flow/pressure
• Shelving - loading
• Taps – flow, durability
• Fans – flow and noise
• Jacks - rating

Barrier Testing

Vehicle and pedestrian barriers and balustrades in and around buildings provide guarding and essential crowd control. These barriers need to be safe and secure and in compliance with the relevant requirements. 

Testing to:
• HMSO ‘A guide to Safety at Sports Grounds’
• Building Regulations Document K
• BS 6399 and BS6180

• Multi storey car parks
• Sports stadiums
• Race courses
• Temporary stands
• Internal pedestrian barriers
• In and around buildings
• Site and laboratory testing

• Specification compliance
• Product validation
• Load – v – deflection performance
• Safety evaluation

About Us

Building Testing Ltd (BTL) - Inspection and Testing Engineers; accredited, independent, professional, cost effective and expedient consultancy, inspection & testing service to the building, construction and consumer product industries.

  • BTL are UKAS accredited for laboratory testing & site testing.
  • BTL specialist areas include: Access floor air tightness testing, access floor panel testing, air tightness testing for Building Regulations Part L, consumer product testing, crowd control barrier & traffic barrier testing & building forensics.
  • BTL have dedicated laboratory test facilities for access floors, barriers, construction & consumer products.
  • BTL have dedicated site testing equipment provided for evaluation of access floors, air tightness of plenums & compartments, load bearing capacity, water tightness of facades.

Operating from their base in Woking, Surrey, BTL serve London & the Home Counties and have also undertaken special projects in the Midlands, North of England, Ireland & Scotland.


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