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BVA offers a strategic consulting service, using  its financial modelling skills to provide detailed cost/benefit analyses of different corporate strategies, ensuring that their impact on shareholder value remains central. BVA has provided top level advice to leading international blue chip companies. BVA also has extensive experience of the Defence Sector, having worked for various defence agencies and suppliers. We also have wide experience of the consumer goods sector.

Valuation, financial analysis and benchmarking of companies' financial performance

Building Value Associates
BVA uses proprietary modelling to provide estimates of company values. We do this using Valuebuilder™, software developed jointly with PwC. The models allow an authoritative view on how much publicly quoted companies are worth.
BVA can also analyse the drivers of the company's shareholder value, and indicate the sustainability of current policies. This may be useful for forming investment opinions about a company

Corporate performance can then be benchmarked against those of close competitors. This benchmarking considers the various drivers and assesses how well or badly the target company is performing against a selected group of competitors.

BVA uses a number of additional valuation tools and methodologies.

Valuation, financial analysis and benchmarking of companies' financial performance

ValueBuilder analysis

Valuebuilder™ is an innovative approach to corporate benchmarking and valuation. The approach permits the analysis of a large number of publicly quoted companies, and contains three main sections:

ValueBuilder analysis

Benchmarking competitive performance

Companies comparative performance can be studied over the last few years going through each  shareholder value driver  . The model produces both statistical and graphical output making performance discrepancies easy to see. 

Valuation of the target company

Based on historical, expected, or other forecasts, the company's valuation for shareholders can be calculated, and compared with other valuations. Estimates of whether a company is over or under valued can be made. This can then form the basis for future management strategies to help improve corporate performance.

Value Based Management

Detailed assignments at corporate, divisional or operating unit levels. Application of proprietary models and approaches to improve and turn around corporate performance.

Value Based Management

Linking of business strategy to the creation of shareholder value

Use of financial modelling tools and methods to bring strategy and shareholder value creation more closely together.
BVA has access to several proprietary programs and databases that will help you easily develop superior competitive strategies.

In the public sector we can create "virtual stakeholder" companies emulating public sector contracting agencies. We can make fragmented stakeholders work more effectively together. Work on-going in the defence and consumer goods industries

Company Valuation

In addition to providing a valuation, the approach facilitates a series of "what if" estimates. For instance what corporate performance is required if a particular valuation is to be justified? How sensitive is the valuation to changes in the individual drivers? How many years of a particular corporate performance or strategy are required to justify a particular valuation?

BVA also has advanced financial modelling skills that can be applied to a number of other areas as well, including economic analysis, and market segment analyses. 

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