Bumotec UK Ltd

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Our machine family begins with small milling machines, 4 axes with a run of 150 mm, but also multispindle milling machines of 3,4,5 or 10 axes (till 27 spindles) which work either from bar or billet. Bumotec’s production program also consists of machining centres up to 7axes with a tool changer, transfer machines which are equipped with 8 to12 stations with 3 or 4 CNC axes each, CNC turning centres of 2 to 8axes, and specific machines according to the client’s request.

Specialists and specific orders
Our highly qualified team is constantly developing new machines which correspond to today’s industrial requirements worldwide. 

Company history
It was in the 1960s that Bumotec set up its plant in Sâles, situated between Bern and Geneva.


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