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Burgess Roughton are consulting structural and civil engineers based in the North West and working on projects throughout the region and, occasionally, further afield.

Our team of professionally qualified engineers has extensive experience in all stages and sizes of projects throughout the UK.

Burgess Roughton offer a comprehensive service in

  • Civil engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Environmental engineering

providing solutions and solving problems on all types of building structures, drainage schemes, flood risk assessments and flood alleviation schemes, roads and bridges, development projects (including contaminated land solutions).  We tailor our service to suit client needs and specific project requirements.

Structural Engineering

We welcome all kinds of structural work, from developing new structures to preserving historic buildings. We will manage a project from design concept to its realisation on the ground. For every project we choose appropriate design methods and materials, based on the highest industry standards.

The company is managed by a chartered structural engineer who has direct input into all the projects that pass through the office. We work on all kinds of project:

  • New build
  • Large span structures
  • Refurbishment and renovation
  • Structural inspections and assessments
  • Foundations, geotechnical solutions
  • Retaining walls

Specialist structural knowledge is applied in many areas. We employ modern methods of construction (MMC) and use sustainable building practices. These services are complemented by our civil engineering, water and environmental expertise.

Structural Engineering

Bridge Engineering

Burgess Roughton have undertaken a great variety of bridgeworks. Our experience includes the design of new bridges, repairs and strengthening schemes on older structures, principal inspections and load assessments.

Structural types have included reinforced beams, slabs and portals; prestressed concrete beam and slab decks; steel composite structures; cable stayed bridges; reinforced concrete box structures; brick and stone arches; bowstring arches and post-tensioned structures. Our staff are therefore familiar with all modern and historic forms of construction.

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Bridge Engineering

Civil Engineering

We have an excellent reputation for bridge and highway designs.

We design industrial and residential highway networks, as well as smaller scale agricultural and rural roads. Geotechnics, maintenance and sustainable planning are all integral aspects of our design process. We are sensitive to the specific environmental and economic demands of every project.

One area in which we have particular expertise is bridges. We can develop new structures or survey and renovate existing bridges using the latest highway and bridge analysis programs.

Civil Engineering

Water and Environmental

We provide sophisticated solutions for water-based projects.

We have considerable experience in flood alleviation projects, using mathematical modelling to reduce the risk of flooding. When designing sewer systems, we can work with either traditional open trenches, or modern, no-dig technology.

As engineers, we are aware that the results of our work have a significant effect upon the environment. Therefore we seek to encourage a problem-solving attitude based upon maximising environmental benefits in our schemes. The belief that good engineering delivers genuine benefits to the community and local environment, is one of the key motivations behind our work.

Water and Environmental

Geotechnical Engineering

Investigating subsurface ground conditions

This aspect of our service is vital to the early stages of a successful project, and as such we emphasise its importance to our clients.  Geotechnical surveys predict potential risks posed by site conditions, and help us design our structures accordingly.  Because our engineers know how to analyse geotechnical data accurately, we can ensure that the right techniques are employed in building foundations.

We also use geotechnics to monitor changes in activity on a site, for example the sudden appearance of sinkholes. This is especially important in water and environmental engineering.

Geotechnical Engineering


Reliable technical drawings are essential for good communication on all projects

Reliable technical drawings are essential for good communication within projects. Therefore, we ensure that our staff are fluent in all aspects of drawing, using the latest technology and adhering to the latest international standards.


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