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22 Years' experience designing, developing, making and delivering best in class power distribution systems for offices, trading floors, command and control centres, data centres and retail spaces. If we haven't made what you need before, we will work with you to develop a novel solution.

Burland supply products worldwide and the relationships we build with our global partners ensure the best solutions for your business. Our close and personal contact with all our customers is at the heart of how Burland works.

No two clients and no two projects are ever the same. We can draw upon years of experience and hundreds of projects, worldwide, to ensure that we can always come up with an appropriate solution to your project.

Above Desk Power

The most versatile above desk power and USB charging unit available in a variety of exciting colours. Supplied with 2 protected UK BS1363 sockets and a high powered USB charging module (5V 2.4A). Supplied complete with desk clamps. UK manufactured.

In desk power modules

eLink by Burland is a high quality, low cost power distribution system designed for use in school and office furniture. It resolves one of the biggest problems with many products on the market which still use innapropriate 20mm fuses to protect sockets. eLink by Burland used individual 5A switch/circuit breakers. Modules are available in 2 way, 3 way, 4 way and 2 way with dual USB charging. Input modules used with hard wired mains cables, 32A tap offs or 32Amp Nuetrik options are avialable with on board RCDs, MCBs or RCBOs. Huge stocks are held in the UK allowing next day delivery for thousands of desks! Fully certified to BS5733 by DEKRA


The worldwide Patented IEC locking C13 and C19 receptacles, designed by Burland, provide the ultimate security for the final link in the power chain of a data centre, trading floor or operating theatre. These receptacles are available as components for OEMs or as finished product PDUs in basic, metered, monitored and managed power strips. Complemented with a range of locking cables (but the sockets work with any standard cable), we can provide the ultimate power chain robustness, and security.

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