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for all situations - from light use to Heavy duty commercial laminators
LAMINATING POUCHES - Choose from over 80 sizes and types inc: matt, gloss,stickybacked,coloured backed and cold pouches.
All our pouches are of the highest quality and at the lowest prices - For instance save up to 80% on our Fellowes pouches.
SINGLE SIDED & DOUBLE ROLL LAMINATORS and roll laminate supplies
WIRE BINDERS and consumables
THERMAL BINDERS and consumables
COMB BINDERS and consumables
SHREDDERS From lightweight to High Security commercial machines

INK CARTRIDGES We offer a great range of low priced compatibles - If you still have not tried compatibles give them a go now - they could save you a small fortune. For the print finishing trade we have a huge selection of consumables - just give a call to get a quote on your requirements.
If you have a problem that needs solving, a special requirement, or just need to know more about a product we would be delighted to help - Just give us a call.

More information about just a few of our products can be found below.

Binding Machines

At Butonz.com we offer a wide range of quality binding machines suitable for home, office and Commercial use.

There are a number of different types of binders, Click, Coil, Comb, Combined, Thermal, Wire and Velo. Each has their own benefits and advantages.

Creasing Machines

We stock a range of creasing machines from desktop A4 creasers to heavy duty A2 automatic creasing machines. Prior to folding it is recommended that card is creased because when card is manufactured the fibres in the card lay in lots of different directions. If you then fold the card without creasing it the fibres fold in different directions, this breaks the surface of the card and look untidy, also if the card is printed the colour of the card will show through the ink.

Shredding Machines

With the rise of identity theft over the last few years a shredder is vital for any home and office. We stock a range of paper shredders from all leading manufacturers.

Laminating Pouches

Our laminating pouches are usually packed in boxes of 100 pouches, with the exception of A2 pouches which are packed in 50's and A1 laminating pouches which are in packs of 25.

We have one of the biggest ranges of laminating pouches on the internet.

We stock all types of pouch, all are usually available for next day delivery.

Wire Binders

We offer an extensive range of Electric Wire Binders. They are quicker than their manual equivilants and are easier to use, ideal for the busy office, copy shop or reprographics department - no more straining, to pull a lever to punch though the paper.

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