Byworth Boilers


We are the leading boiler hire company in the UK. We provide steam boiler hire, hot water boiler hire and truck-mounted boiler hire. We also offer our boiler hire services throughout Ireland.

For all your boiler needs you can rely on us to provide services for sudden breakdowns or help you plan for a long term need for further capacity.

Boiler Manufacturer

We are a dedicated boiler manufacturer who care about design to create the most energy efficient boiler solutions to decrease the world's carbon footprint.

Our boiler manufacturing includes the highest quality steam and hot water boilers. Our boilers are already making a huge effect on fuel usage for a variety of blue chip companies. We have a continual research & development investment programme in place.


We offer our customers much more than just boiler manufacture. We can provide temporary boilers to replace your faulty one and supply steam boiler rental and heating boiler hire.

Steam Boilers

We have been producing steam boilers for the last 35 years and combine our knowledge of traditional boiler manufacturing skills with new and innovative technology advancements. We guarantee high quality and performance from our products and keep our manufacturing processes, like plate rolling, in the Keightly boiler works.

All our steam boilers are built to regulation and comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive and CE marked for finality. Lloyds Register inspects all our boilers during manufacture to ensure all standards are met.

Waste Heat Boilers

Waste heat boilers work by utilising heat is produced as a derivative by another process like power projects or incineration.


Our waste heat boilers are specifically designed to suit your requirements. The design team will build a system perfect for each individual application.


They are produced to reach optimum performance and our steam and hot water boilers are available with outputs up to 16,000 kgs per hour.

Hot Water Boilers

Our hot water boilers benefit from our 35 years of knowledge and experience. They are individually produced using conventional boiler making techniques and the latest technology.

Unlike many companies who outsource manufacturing overseas, we source of hot water boilers and components from Keighley boiler works.

Boiler Service and Repair

We offer exceptional expertise and boiler service and repair to our customers. Regular inspection and preventative measures decreases down time and enhances fuel efficiency. All our boiler service and repairs are tailored to meet you requirements.


Our repair service deal with major shell, furnace and tube faults and are dealt with by qualified welders who work fast and effectively to give the quickest service and get your boiler working again.


We buy power as manufacturers and this helps to keep material costs down. We also produce replacement parts and patches in our own factory.

Boiler Operator Training

We offer exclusive boiler operator training and our knowledgeable trainers teach in a friendly and easy to understand manner in a fully furnished lecture room.

The theory we teach is put into practice by gaining real, hands-on experience on the boiler running at our factory. The boiler operator training course gives pupils the chance to view boilers and ancillaries at all stages of production. They gain an essential insight into the areas of study.

Ancillaries and Boiler Spares

We know it is vital for your business to get boiler repairs done quickly and with the least disruption. We have an extensive range of ancillaries and boiler spares ready for any emergency or situation. We can provide blowdown receivers, hot well feed water tanks, steam accumulators and flute gas economisers.

If we don't have the right part in stock, we can efficiently order other ancillaries and boiler spares within 24 hours. Other products we can repair and replace are bespoke tanks and steam accumulators.

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