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Here at C&P Development Co, we have been manufacturing high quality aerosol products since 1948. We pride ourselves in providing a reliable and honest service with only the very best products.

Aerosol Contract Manufacture

Contract manufacturing means that we produce aerosols filled with your products or formulations on your behalf, carrying your name and brand logo rather than ours. At C and P Development we can carry out contract aerosol manufacture for your business, with your formulation added to our aerosols according to your specifications.

We’ve been operating since 1948 and can take on contract filling of products such as high-temperature thermal paints, freezer sprats, air dusters, and cold galvanising paint. Our cold galvanising paint, Rust-Anode, provides a corrosion-resistant priming coat that can protect for up to 15 years.

Cold Galvanising

Using cold galvanising is cheaper and more cost-effective in many cases compared with hot dip galvanising. We can provide you with Rust-Anode which forms a 95 per cent pure zinc coating once dried that protects against corrosion and damage.

Even when the Rust-Anode coating is scratched or damaged it will continue to prevent rust and corrosion and protect the surface beneath. Once applied the protection will last from two years in industrial settings up to 15 years in agricultural applications.

Zinc Rich Primer

Our Rust-Anode liquid zinc is ideal as a welding primer and anti-corrosion protection for use on steel surfaces. It provides protection against corrosion for up to 15 years in agricultural applications and up to 2 years when used in industrial settings. Rust-Anode provides high tensile strength, is non-toxic and is touch dry within half an hour.

Rust-Anode has been shock tested in temperatures of between +204 and -400 degrees Celsius and shown to still provide protection. We can provide the zinc primer in paint form, or as an aerosol.

Welding Primer

We supply you with welding primer as paint or in aerosol form. Our Rust-Anode is designed to provide protection against corrosion and will continue to provide resistance even if the surface becomes scratched. As Rust-Anode offers high conductivity it functions exceptionally well as a welding primer.

The primer can withstand temperatures of from +204 to -400 degrees Celsius and is touch-dry in half an hour once applied. Once the primer has dried it is also non-flammable with high tensile strength to prevent linear expansion.

Anti-Corrosion Paint

Our Rust-Anode is a cold galvanising anti-corrosion paint that provides you with protection for steel surfaces. Rust-Anode is liquid zinc that forms a 95 per cent zinc coating on the surface when dry. It can be supplied in paint form or aerosol and will be touch dry within half an hour. Cold galvanising paint gives the same protection as hot dip galvanising, but is more cost-effective.Rust-Anode will continue to provide protection against corrosion even when the surface becomes scratched.

Please contact us for further information on anti-corrosion paint or any other products we provide.

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