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Manufacturers of paper tube and cardboard core making, cutting and finishing machinery.
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  • Knife Units
  • Composite Can Labellers
  • Slitters
  • Rewinders

SW Spiral Winders

The spiral winder builds the core from several widths of slit board. The winder features a 3 axis motorised table to give ultra-rapid setting times. As the core grows and extends off the winding mandrel, it enters the cut-off section. Here the knife movement is synchronised to the core speed, moving with and precisely cutting the core to required lengths.

SW Spiral Winders

Core Cutters

The cores may be for industrial use or the composite can industry. The Falcon core cutter is used to re-cut cores to required lengths for different manufacturing requirements. The operator enters the cut length at the touch screen and the machine automatically repeats the cut until the long core is consumed. The machine may be supplied with automatic load, discharge and trim removal.

Core Cutters

Labelling Machines

The CL-2 and ACL convolute can labelling machines are used to apply the customer label to the core body, then re-cut the core to the required lengths.

Labelling Machines

Multi Flying Knife Machine

Using a servo drive system gives very high cyclic rates as there is no longer any target to obstruct the core. An encoder measures the speed of the inside ply coming into the winder, this then synchronises the cutting unit to the core speed.

This works on the same principal as the single knife in-line cutters except that because we are using several knives to cut with, the tube is carried by servo driven support rollers. This is to ensure that each cut is complete without the various pieces "tailing" together.

Each of the multi knife units is then individually servo operated to enable fine adjustments via the touch screen keypad. This is further aided because of the long cutting stroke available.

  • The high cutting speed is achieved using a servo drive motor
  • All fixtures are included
  • The unit may be free standing
  • A conveyor will take the cut pieces from the machine
Multi Flying Knife Machine

CL2 Composite Can Labelling Machine With Knives

The unlabelled tubes are placed in the tube guides that accept up to about 10 tubes. The operator places the unglued label on a feed table and depresses a hand valve. The tube is automatically loaded onto a mandrel, the label is taken automatically over precision glue rollers and via 'pickers' is delivered and applied to the plain tube - the tube is then cut. The cut, labelled tubes are then ejected from the machine and the process is repeated

Options include:

An automatic sheet label feed

A stack of labels is placed on label platform. A line of vacuum suckers takes the top label and presents it to the in-feed rollers and the vacuum is released allowing the label to travel onto the wet rollers, over the pickers and onto the tube. The label platform is automatically raised to maintain a constant height under the suckers. 'Fluffers' blow air through the front of the label stack to ensure each label is separate.

Tube hopper:

This accepts up to 60 tubes which are automatically delivered to the 'CL2' making it a fully automatic machine.

A cardboard tube is loaded from a hopper into the machine, held firmly in place on a mandrel of similar diameter. A pre-printed label is fed into the machine either manually, or automatically. The label is coated with a precise amount of glue then presented to the rotating core to which it is applied. The core may be cut into several sections after which it is then ejected from the machine to be carried away on a conveyor. Waste rings from cut process are ejected separately. The labeled cores (tubes) then go onto to be capped or closed usually for various applications in the market place. These include luxury goods containers, food stuff containers and the original cores may be of sealed or breathable type construction.

CL2 Composite Can Labelling Machine With Knives

Unwind Stands and Gluing Systems

The cascade system applies consistent gluing with minimum ply deflection and excellent ply tension control. Providing capacity for 30 plies; an air operated pump gives re-circulated glue through a filter delivering glue to each ply. Includes:

  • Pneumatic ply tensioning with the tension control on a central control panel with numbered plies
  • Hardened guide bars and hardened scrapers for maximum life

Options include heated glue tank:

Stainless steel tank with separate heater unit, comprising copper coil with circulated water, piped and ready to attached to glue distribution. Including pumps.

Unwind Stands and Gluing Systems

Slitter - Rewinder

The machine is a very easy and fast system for slitting of board because there is only one shaft rewinding. It is built from a strong pre-fabricated frame to eliminate vibration when running at top speed. The high quality rewinding and separation of the finished rolls is ensured by a special rubber 'banana' shaft bow spreader and by a system of adjusting the pressure of the bottom press roll.

Some of the many features include:

  • The motor drive is 40 kw
  • Fitted with load cells for automatic tension control synchronised with brake system
  • The distance between the rotary knives and the top of the rewind roll is constant and avoids paper waving
  • The cutting is by rotary knives which can be quickly moved and set
  • The knives are driven by a roller at the same speed as the paper
  • The rewind and unwind shafts are of the pneumatic expanding type for 76mm
  • Maximum Rewind speed 600 meters/minute at 600mm diameter
  • The unwind shaft is adjustable axially- plus/minus 25mm for side adjustment of paper during the unwind work
Slitter - Rewinder

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