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C Rayment Ltd has over 40 years experience as a precision engineering company. We specialise in CNC precision machining, turning, milling and sheet metal fabrication and bending.

Our CNC precision machining is achieved through a combination of the latest CAD design systems, CNC machines and traditional machinery.

CNC Precision Turning

Stainless steel, copper, bronze, aluminium alloys are some of the regular materials we use and we are also able to offer heat treatment alongside our CNC precision turning service.

C Rayment Ltd has retained a number of traditional skills and conventional equipment. Our facility complements the modern machining methods and also provides flexibility and efficiency on the smaller productions.

For more information regarding CNC precision turning, please contact us or visit our website.

CNC Precision Turning

CNC Precision Milling

Here at C Rayment Ltd we offer CNC precision milling through the latest machinery so we can offer customers precision manufacturing techniques with consistent quality.

Our modern equipment offers quick, cost-effective CNC precision milling and production for all types of material, from very hard specialist steels to solid plastics.

CNC Precision Milling


The engineers at C Rayment Ltd are always striving to achieve higher goals. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality craftsmanship supported by a personal, friendly and efficient service.

Our customers rely on us to design a complete product in order to achieve the highest quality of manufacture and craftsmanship in the most cost-effective way.


Engineering Skills

Through both engineering skills and precision equipment, C Rayment Ltd has built a strong customer base in a range of industries including: automotive, defence, food, medical equipment, printing, scientific, tool making, aerospace and more.

We have incorporated different standards and special requirements from these industries into our operating procedures, quality control programmes and computer work flow audit trail.

Our range of engineering skills combined with our equipment, working practises and overall capacity allows critical projects to be slotted into production schedules at short notice.

Engineering Skills

CNC Plant List

C Rayment Ltd retains the capacity to complete CNC plant list projects on a large scale in terms of volume.

Our CNC plant list includes:

  • CNC machining and NC machining centres
  • CNC turning centres
  • Lathes
  • Milling
  • Horizontal boring
  • Grinding
  • Sheet metal
CNC Plant List

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