We offer:
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Wire Cut & Strip Machines
  • Bench Top Crimping Equipment
  • Ferruling Machines
  • Coax Stripping Machines
  • Ondal Automatic Taping Machines
Cablespeed is a specialist automation supplier dedicated to the Wire and Cable processing and Ultrasonic Metal Welding industries. A well established company, founded by Walter Kos in 1992, it is now recognised as a market leader with the widest and most varied product range available from a single source with machines for wire and cable cut, cut & strip, cut strip & terminate, crimping, ultrasonic welding and automatic taping machines etc...

With equipment chosen specifically for the quality and reliability, the Company supplies products from some of the most recognised names in the industry such as, Artos, WDT, Z&F, Ramatech, Kodera, Amtech, Ulmer, Loepfe, Ondal and many more.

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