At Cadventure, we have been specialising in 3D printer sales, training, consultancy and support for over two decades. As 3D printer sales specialists, we can supply a range of 3D printers for concept modelling and rapid prototyping for the realisation of design development.

We can supply the following 3D prototype printers:

  • ProJet 160 - Entry level, mono 3D printer
  • ProJet 260 -  Entry level, colour 3D printer
  • ProJet 360  - Mid-range level, mono 3D printer
  • ProJet 460  - Mid-range, full colour, semi automated system
  • ProJet 660 -  Professional, highest resolution, full colour
  • ProJet 860 -  Professional, highest resolution, full colour
  • Projet 1200  -  Accurate, high-resolution mono prototypes
  • Projet 3500 -   Accurate, high-resolution High Definition parts
  • Projet 6000  -  Accurate, high-resolution High Definition parts
  • Projet 6000  -  Accurate, high-resolution High Definition parts


With a full range of 3D systems, we are able to offer a selection of high quality 3DSystems printers, built for speed and accuracy. Our easily affordable 3DSystems range is easy to operate with choices of colour and material available.

The full technologies in this range include:

  • CubePro - Desktop FDM printer (ABS, PLA & Nylon)
  • ProJet - 160/260/360/460/660 - CJP Mono & Full Colour 3D Printers
  • Projet  - 1200 (Micro SLA Desktop)
  • ProJet -  3510 

3D Printing Services

Enhanced by our Z Corp series of printers, we are able to offer professional 3D printing services and create colour or monochrome 3D models up to 356mm x 254mm x 203mm in size. Our 3D printing services have usual turnaround of 24 to 48 hours with a same-day delivery available to be arranged if necessary.

3D Printing Services

CAD Software

At Cadventure, we support a wide variety of CAD software for all your requirements.

Our CAD software encompasses the following:

  • Bentley Systems Software - Bentley Architecture/ Bentley Building Electrical Systems/ Bentley Rebar/ Hevacomp/ MicroStation/ PowerDraft/ PowerRebar/ ProConcrete/ ProjectWise etc.
  • SpaceClaim Software - Engineer 2010/ Engineer 2011 due soon
  • Vectorworks Software - Vectorworks Architect/ Vectorworks Spotlight/ Vectorworks Landmark
CAD Software

CAD and IT support

At Cadventure, we offer an excellent CAD and IT support service to small and larger architectural and engineering companies in the UK. Our professional team is experienced with all the relevant software including AutoCAD and MicroStation working to provide you with exceptional solutions and support.

We can offer ‘’virtual management’’ as part of our CAD and IT support service helping you take care of your IT support requirements with full off-site backup available.

CAD and IT support

Software Training

We specialise in software training to help you achieve the maximum benefits of your investments. We can offer a wide variety of courses in Bentley applications as well as many other CAD software programs. Our software training services also incorporate tailor-made courses suiting your specific requirements. If you have a specific objective, our experts can advise you and recommend a program that fulfils your personal needs.

Software Training

CAD Consultancy

Our CAD consultancy service offers a wealth of experience and services needed for the development and advancement of CAD systems and other data production processes.

As part of our CAD consultancy service we will provide assistance in the following fields:

  • Enable - Working in partnership with you to enable maximum efficiency of CAD software
  • Educate - We educate your staff through unique mentoring programmes linked to continual professional development
  • Empower - Our flexible solutions empower your competitive advantage without restricting your organisation's freedom and individuality
CAD Consultancy
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