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Cal-Bay Systems is a global Platinum National Instruments Alliance partner specializing in developing solutions in the test automation, control systems and automation markets.

We provide solutions from concept to completion based on the PXI, cDAQ and cRIO hardware platforms and LabVIEW and TestStand software platforms from National Instruments.

We also provide LabVIEW and TestStand resources to companies in the UK who require help when developing LabVIEW solutions internally. Our highly qualified engineers can provide:

  • Project specification development
  • NI proof of concept studies
  • Acceptance documentation
  • Test fixture design and manufacture
  • Test rig design and manufacture
  • Control system design including LabVIEW FPGA and FlexRIO targets
  • Matlab and simulink support

LabVIEW test executive software

iVVivi, is an out of the box architecture and Test Executive development tool for serious LabVIEW developers building Test Systems for a living

It provides a standard way of architecting your LabVIEW test application, where the bulk of the architecture is already written for you. You just need to complete the measurement code, either from IVI compliant Instrument drivers, DAQmx calls, or any of the standard NI driver sets. For Test system developers, you have all the benefits of built in functions such as log-in options, configuration of Instruments, a “drag and drop” sequence editor and built in XML report generation with style sheet selection.


  • Fully LabVIEW based
  • Out of the box test executive
  • Built in log in functions
  • Reusable LabVIEW test modules
  • Version for use with NI TestStand
  • Drag & drop sequence editor
  • Easy instrument configuration including IVI compliant instruments
  • Ramp wizard for easy configuration of multiple measurements
  • Report generation built in
  • Test data logging to IntraStage


  • Test system control
  • Test system software development
  • Medical device test systems
  • Aerospace & defence test systems
  • Automotive test systems
  • Consumer electronics test systems
LabVIEW test executive software

RF Record and Playback solutions

The digital RF Spectrum has become a major business expense and a huge asset to a variety of military, telco, satellite, WiFi/broadband, consumer electronic, auto and general aviation companies. Limited availability or, “Spectrum Crunch”, means this asset needs to be consistently monitored and protected.

In this new reality, company presidents, CIOs, CFOs, accountants, design and validation engineers and even politicians need real-time access to, and analysis of, the digital spectrum.

Spectrum Defender is the industry’s leading Recording / Playback and Monitoring platform. Companies can realize immediate and substantial ROI with Spectrum Defender.


  • Record and reproduce RF signals from off-air antennas (or other RF sources) for analysis, receiver regression testing, propagation modelling and other applications
  • Adjustable signal acquisition/record centre frequency from 20Hz to 3.6GHz, with 1Hz resolution (optional to 14 GHz)
  • Signal reproduction/play from 85MHz to 3.3GHz (optional to 6.6GHz)
  • Signal record bandwidth adjustable from 100kHz to 50MHz with 1Hz resolution
  • Integrated Low Noise Amplifier ensures acquisition of low-level RF signals
  • Excellent recording fidelity
  • Link with industry standard PXI Express RF instrumentation for expanded RF signal measurement and data acquisition tasks


  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • Signal Intelligence
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Real World RF Interference Testing
  • RF Channel Modeling
  • Off-the-air Recordings
  • Simultaneous Recordings in two or more non-contiguous frequencies
RF Record and Playback solutions

PC based XY plotter software

Cal-Bay’s PC based XY Plotter software suite enables you to turn your PC or laptop into a fully functioning X-Y plotter, Time-base chart recorder and Automated limit or mask tester.


The easy to use software suite has been designed to perform the following types of test

  • Hysteresis testing
  • Linearity testing
  • Frequency response
  • Repetition testing
  • Mechanical actuation testing
  • Flow and travel testing
  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Hydraulic valve and actuator test
  • Electronic servo test
  • Aerospace applications
  • Medical device testing
  • RF component testing
  • Microwave component testing
  • Life cycle testing
  • Temperature logging
  • Pressure logging
  • Environmental sensor logging


The benefits of a PC based XY plotter & chart recorder solution

No need to replace expensive, non serviceable parts
No expensive on-going consumable costs
XY Plotting, Time-base Recording and Automated Test Functions

Easy to use:

“Out of the box” operation. No programming needed
Works with most NI Data Acquisition cards

Automated Testing:

Testing against limits built in
Easy to create limit masks with pass/fail indication


Save plots, data & test information to file and as .pdf
Print plots on local or networked printer

On Screen Calculations:

Moveable cursors to highlight calculation regions
Slew Rate, Pk to Pk, Mean and Rise Time calculations

PC based XY plotter software

Medical Device Test Equipment

Medical Device Automated Test Equipment

Our vision is simple. To provide product testing solutions that enable you to design, validate and manufacture medical device products that enhance the lives of the consultants and patients using them.

We provide solutions that not only enable you to accurately test your products, but to also help you understand the vast amounts of test data generated between all of your departments. The result is better, faster and more accurate decision making on how to improve the quality of your products.
We have helped start-ups and most of the Fortune 1000 medical device companies across many medical device disciplines successfully test their products. You know the science, we know how to test

Functional Testing for Medical Devices

MedevATE, the Medical Device Test Equipment division of Cal-Bay Systems, knows Medical Device Testing, having worked with most of the major players in the medical device field, from start-ups to the Fortune 1000, and from cardiac to pulmonary to diabetes to artificial joints. Medical Device OEM’s face five challenges to producing quality medical devices: shorter product life cycles, more FDA regulations, deeper supply chains, complex electronics incorporated into their products, and a scarcity of qualified medical device engineers to write and maintain their test software. Cal-Bay understands these challenges, which is why over 50 percent of Fortune 1000 Medical Device OEM’s outsource to us.

Our solutions for Medical Device test include:

  • Solutions for Production Test of Electronic Medical Devices
  • Solutions for Design Verification Test for Medical Devices
  • Solutions for Reliability and Life Testing of New Medical Device Products
  • Solutions for Managing Test & Quality Data Generated from Worldwide Test Equipment

Unparalleled Track Record of Success in Functional Test for Medical Devices. Cal-Bay currently partners successfully with over 50 percent of the Fortune 500 Medical Device manufacturers, offering scalable enterprise medical device test solutions, including iVVivi, IntraStage and the FlexATE. 

We can meet your aggressive medical device testing schedule while still offering rigorous quality. Leveraging off-the-shelf tools like iVVivi, IntraStage, LabVIEW, TestStand, PXI and the FlexATE. Cal-Bay’s Plug-in FlexATE Framework can dramatically lower your risk and accelerate your schedule. More than 50 percent of the software needed for a typical medical device test system is ready-to-go with the FlexATE Framework – contact us today to find out more.

Simplicity of Project Management and Procurement: We’ve completely streamlined the project management process so that you can get the best quality systems (software and hardware) on budget and on schedule. Your personalized ATE test systems will each have a single part number for simplified procurement. We build, wire together all connections, validate and ship each ready-to-go ATE system to your facility.

Medical Device Test Equipment
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