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Optical Computing has long been heralded as the solution to the world’s thirst for data processing. As speed and resolution limits are approached and power requirements become ever more impractical, serial electronic processing begins to show its limitations.

Optical processing uses the fastest medium there is to perform the same calculations serial electronic systems grind away at: light. CCL’s optical processing technology applies the principles of Fourier and Diffractive optics to create solutions in areas requiring processing capabilities beyond those of current and future serial electronic methods in low power, compact, rugged architectures.  Coupled with expert consultancy and technical support, the technology may be used as the basis of a custom solution, or provide step increases in processing power to existing systems for OEM customers.

Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) microdisplays for use with display and non-display applications. The devices are supplied with a VGA drive board for simple set up as a primary or secondary PC monitor and can be applied to a variety of research applications.

The SLM is supplied in an enclosure that is compatible with the Thorlabs 30mm cage system, allowing the unit to be mounted to an optical bench or cage assembly.

Optical Correlators

Optical correlators compare two-dimensional image data at very high speeds. Invented in the mid-1960s, they have traditionally been used in high cost military applications, such as satellite photograph analysis.

With recent advances in liquid crystal technology, optical correlators have become more commercially viable. This, coupled with the revolutionary CCL patented designs, allow optical correlators for the first time to realise their potential and enter the marketplace – at a fraction of the high costs previously associated with such high performance systems.

Click here to see the two main types of optical correlator and how they operate.

Optical Correlators

LM635 Collimated Lazer Module

Fully enclosed module containing a 635nm single mode fibre pigtail laser diode system and collimating optics to provide a high quality 24mm diameter beam ideal for use in Optical Fourier Transform, Computer Generated Hologram and Diffractive Optics experiments.

The modules are easy to use and require no optical alignment or contact with the sensitive optical fibre and drive board arrangement. The variable power module (<2mW) is the perfect companion to the SDE1024 SLM and is also compatible with the Thorlabs 30mm cage system.

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