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  • Add computer control to your product
  • Fast Development
Cambridge Microprocessor Systems Ltd are experts in the design of products that are used to Control processes whether it's simply a small instrument or a massive system made up of many individual processors.

Monitoring Systems

  • Do you know what your equipment is doing right now?
  • Do you know how much your machinery is costing by sitting idle?

Our custom monitoring systems can help you optimise your equipment usage and put you back in control.

Custom Design Consultancy

Do you have a requirement for an

  • Embedded system?
  • Data Logger?
  • System Controller?
  • Instrument?

Our engineers have been working in this field for many years and have a wealth of experience and expertise that you can rely on. We offer a comprehensive design service which includes custom hardware, bespoke software and custom build.

Temperature Loggers

The iMind Temperature loggers distributed by Cambridge Microprocessor Systems make recording temperature changes over time a breeze.

The device is easily programmed by plugging the iMind Logger into a PC adapter and programming it with the click of the mouse. Programming sets the device clock to the PC clock, sets the recording interval and starts the processor. Once programmed the device is placed where you would like to monitor and the iMind Logger does the rest.

It does not require external power and can operate over the industrial temperature range of -40 to +85. Each logged temperature reading is stored along with a time/date stamp. Up to 2048 readings can be logged at a time with a timing interval of between 60 seconds and 4 hours depending on your requirements.

The low cost Starter Pack comes with everything that you need to get started - iMind Logger, USB PC Adapter, software CD etc. Additional Loggers can be ordered so that you can monitor temperatures in more than one place at a time.

To read the logged data from the device simply plug it back into the PC reader and the data can be downloaded with the click of the mouse. Once on the PC the data can be viewed and reports produced.

This product is used widely by restaurants, temperature controlled transport, pharmacies and surgeries to ensure that items are stored or transported in the correct environment. It has also found uses within the Heating and Ventilation industries and chemical processing.

New CCLIX Range

Our newest range of embedded controllers are being released this year.

These products are powered by a powerful ColdFire core and offer features such as Ethernet, USB, graphics touch panel LCDs, i2c, SPI etc. The three serial ports offer interfaces to  RS232, RS485 and CAN. With built in web servers, FTP server and Telnet remote communications will be easy - you will just need to decide which is the best way to communicate with the controllers.

For full details please visit our product page by clicking on the title

FlashModule FM-200

The FlashModule FM-200 is the entry level controller in our FlashModule product range. It comes with three serial ports, 10 TTL/CMOS digital I/O channels, on board programmable Flash memory, battery backed static RAM and real time clock, I2C port, soft ware watchdog timer, two 16-bit timers. All this packed into a small PCB just 90 x 100mm.

FlashModule FM-400

The FlashModule FM-400 is the most popular product in our FlashModule family. It adds 16 more TTL/CMOS digital I/O channels, 8 channels of analogue input, 2 channels of analogue output, LCD and keypad interface to the FlashModule FM-200. This requires a larger unit size of 160 x 100mm.

FlashModule FM-600

The FlashModule FM-600 offers the largest number of features on a single card. Add to the FlashModule FM-400 an extra 16 TTL/CMOS digital I/O lines and 8 more analogue inputs and you are looking at the FM-600

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