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Camguard Fire and Security are installers of Burglar Alarms, Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarms and Integrated Security Systems. We cover Cambridgeshire. See our website for further information on Burglar Alarms Cambridgeshire.

Fire Alarms Cambridgeshire

Camguard Fire and Security offers Domestic and Commercial alarms to protect lives and property. For more information on Fire alarms Cambridgeshire visit our website for further details.

Fire Alarms Cambridgeshire

CCTV Cambridgeshire

Here at Camguard Fire and Security, we provide CCTV systems to fit all applications. This can be from a simple observation system at a small corner shop, to a town centre or airport system with hundreds of cameras.  Integrated CCTV can be developed to deal with particular problems.  The alarm from an Intruder Alarm can cause the CCTV system to record the event and identify the person who caused the alarm, to provide valuable evidence if required.

For more information on CCTV Cambridgeshire, please visit our website.

 CCTV Cambridgeshire

Access Control Cambridgeshire

We provide leading edge solutions to protect any building. We offer a variety of Access control technologies such as Keypad code entry, Biometric Readers, Smartcard Readers, Magnetic stripe swipe cards, Proximity fobs or cards, Hands Free Readers.
See our website for further information on Access Control Cambridgeshire.

Access Control Cambridgeshire

Security Systems Cambridgeshire

We offer Roller Shutters designed and manufactured to fit your needs, from industrial solid doors to meshed retail frontage. We also offer Automated Gates and Collapsible and Fixed Grilles manufactured to your requirements in black or white finish.

Camguard Fire and Security can also offer Perimeter Protection which is suitable for commercial and domestic properties.

For more information on our Security Systems Cambridgeshire, please see our website.

Alarm Systems Cambridgeshire

Camguard Fire and Security works to secure your home. We offer the following Fire Safety:

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