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Camlar have many years experience in the lighting controls industry, we can maintain and service lighting control systems from the manufacturers listed here

Control of lighting is proven to be a major contribution to energy saving and efficiency in buildings and will:
  • Reduce electricity bills & the amount of energy used.
  • Significantly contribute to lowering your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.
  • Create & maintain optimum comfort levels.
  • Give you the potential to qualify for up front tax relief.
  • Make maintenance easier.
Camlar Lighting Systems can be fitted at new build or refurbishment stage with an easy retro fit option available. We offer FREE site surveys, proposals together with a Payback Analysis for each project. Our range of Lutron Homeworks, iLight and Dynalite lighting solutions are second to none, giving you the best lighting and lighting controls for any environment. The need for lighting control It is a scientifically proven fact that light affects people's moods. By controlling the lighting in an area, different moods can be artificially created for the desired effect, whether it be a relaxing atmosphere or to stimulate a lively response - our iLight and Dynalite control systems are perfect for creating the best lighting environment.

Lighting Controls

All of our engineers have many years experience in the lighting controls industry,

Camlar can maintain and service products from the manufacturers as listed

  • Helvar Lighting Controls
  • ECS Lighting Controls
  • Philips Lighting Controls
  • Dynalite Lighting Controls
  • Polaron
  • iLight Controls
  • ExOr Controls
  • Luxonic
  • Rako Controls
  • Lutron
  • Osram Lighting Controls

Camlar offers a bespoke lighting Control installation service, working with all aspects of lighting systems from initial design stage through to installation and final commissioning.

With our fully trained specification team we can develop tailor made systems to each individual project. Putting together Schematic drawings, which include loading and product schedules which identify power consumption and wiring diagrams for the instillation purposes.

Lighting Controls

Dynalite Philips iLight

Internal and external lighting can be controlled by time, occupancy and condition. It is possible to purchase lights containing all of these controls integrated into one fitting. The type of control will be limited by the sort of light used – e.g. lights that take a while to reach full light output should not be controlled using occupancy sensors.
For intermittently used areas it is often best to have fast response lighting, eg fluorescent lighting (including energy saving bulbs) connected to occupancy sensors. Automatic on/off switches prevent these lights being left on accidentally.

For slow response lighting (eg metal halides or sodium lighting), it is best to use time controls to ensure lights are switched off out of occupancy hours. For areas with large numbers of lights, there should be enough switches to allow staff to choose only those lights that are required. Label switches according to the lights they control.
Controlling lights in parallel to windows allows lights to be switched off or dimmed when there is adequate daylight.

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Dynalite Philips iLight

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