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With almost 50 years experience as a family run company specialising in conveyors and all related products, we are a major force in the supply of bulk materials handling plant and equipment.

We supply conveyors, belting for conveyors and spare parts for conveyors to a diverse range of industries including mining, quarrying, mechanical and civil engineering, and waste management and recycling. Our unrivalled service has made Canning Conveyor a leading and well respected name throughout the world.

Conveyor Belts

For a vast selection of versatile and superior quality conveyor belts, we provide the ultimate solutions. We offer and stock a vast range of conveyor belts and related products and services.

They include:

We design, manufacture and install many types of conveyors, hoppers, conveyor drums and associated plant and equipment. We also offer completely new, second hand, or fully reconditioned plant and equipment or any combination of the above to suit your requirements at competitive prices.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Parts

As a specialist conveyor company with many years of experience, our options in conveyor parts are extensive. The vast range of conveyor parts is suitable to numerous requirements and all parts offer quality, productivity and cost-efficiency of the highest level.

Our stock of conveyor parts includes:

  • Drums
  • Fasteners
  • Scrapers
  • Tracking devices
Conveyor Parts

Conveyor Rollers

We are a well established supplier of conveyor idlers, conveyor rollers and accessories in both steel and polymer.

We carry a large range of stock for idlers, conveyor rollers and replacement rollers for many known brands and accessories, providing an off the shelf availability second to none. We also manufacture replacement rollers for conveyors to suit your specific requirements.

All the products we supply are manufactured using the latest technological methods. Top quality raw materials are used during the manufacturing process thus ensuring all products are to the highest degree of precision and excellence.

Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor Design and Manufacture

For conveyor design and manufacture, we provide the complete and unrivalled solutions and services.

Our conveyor design and manufacture services include the provision of ground conveyors. Our ground conveyors include Canning field conveyors, available in a standard range of belt widths from 600mm to 1000mm.

Individual and unique bespoke designs are available to suit specific requirements.

Conveyor Design and Manufacture

New Quarry Plant and Equipment

For new quarry plant and equipment, we offer an extensive and market leading range of new bulk handling and materials processing equipment.

Our range of new quarry plant and equipment covers: crushers, screens, conveyors, feeders and both complete static or mobile plants with either diesel or electric drives.

New Quarry Plant and Equipment

Used Quarry Plant and Equipment

We also offer a vast array of used quarry plant and equipment. Our used quarry plant and equipment includes options in materials processing equipment. This equipment is available either fully refurbished or second-hand.

We are also suppliers of associated plant and equipment including magnets, drums, bearings, motorised drums, motors and gearboxes.

Used Quarry Plant and Equipment

Used Conveyor Belting

If you are looking for used conveyor belting, we provide comprehensive solutions. We have been supplying used conveyor belting for over 40 years.

All of our second-hand conveyor belts are thoroughly examined by our expert staff, and only belts which are sound in strength and show very little wear are supplied as re-usable.

Used Conveyor Belting


We supply the new Tumbleator® moving platform. The Tumbleator® is the latest market leading innovation we produce. It is the safest, fastest, quietest and most adaptable conveyor yet, specifically designed with TV Game shows in mind.

We use state-of-the-art technology to enable directors and producers to extend creativity and entertainment. The Tumbleator® has features including:

  • Maximum safety for user
  • Variable speeds
  • Adaptability in lengths: supplied in a variety of lengths from 12ft (4m) to 85ft (25m) long
  • Low noise: using specially designed drive motor and anti-friction belts
  • Quick to install
  • Choice of belt colours: Standard black with optional white, green or blue available

Turning, Revolving Stages

Our turning, revolving stages will add excitement to your retail or exhibition display, create spectacular film sequences, produce dynamic TV commercials or wow your audience at your product launch.

We produce bespoke turning, revolving stages to suit your individual requirements. We enable you to move your audience and merchandise or create stunning music videos and add drama to live theatre, events and opera.

Turning, Revolving Stages

Conveyors, Treadmills, Travelators

We supply all types of conveyors, treadmills and travelators for rental and contract hire. We supply standard and purpose bespoke built conveyors, treadmills and travelators including:

  • Walkways/Platforms
  • Steel structures/Fabrications

 We provide a complete service from start to finish including:

  • Delivery to set/studios
  • Site assembly installation of units
  • Provision of on-set operator for rehearsals, standby and shooting, as required
  • De-rigging after strike
Conveyors, Treadmills, Travelators

Power Stations

We have been involved with the design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of a variety of power station projects for the power industry. We include all aspects of fuel bulk handling for coal and biomass products. Our highly skilled and experienced team of engineers provide complete power station services including consultancy, design, manufacture and training. We also provide:

  • Ship-to-shore loading and unloading systems
  • Mine and quarry conveyor systems
  • Structural bridges
  • Screening equipment
  • Silos
  • Crushers
  • General structural steelwork
Power Stations
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