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For over 30 years Capital Aluminium Extrusions Ltd, Capalex, has been a specialist extrusion aluminium company and can provide the following services:

  • Manufacturing fabrication and machining
  • Heat treatment
  • Powder coating
  • Assembly
  • Storage
  • Despatch and administrative duties

We are based in Cumbria and provide a full range of services including extrusion aluminium, aluminium powder coating, aluminium CNC machining and assembly. We are price competitive and we can provide extrusion aluminium in any quantity you require. Our customers range from large multi-nationals to one man engineering shops.

Aluminium Powder Coating

Capalex can provide aluminium powder coating to give a durable and decorative finish. Our aluminium powder coating facility offers a variety of colours with RAL, BS or we can colour match.

Aluminium powder coating has many advantages including:

  • Wide range of finishes
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Applied to most metals
  • Durable finish
  • A new and innovative type of finish
  • Can be applied to components that are used internally and externally
Aluminium Powder Coating

Aluminium CNC Machining

We have a comprehensive aluminium CNC machining and fabrication facility. We can convert raw lengths of aluminium right up to 7.6m long into the component part you want.

Markets for aluminium CNC machining parts include: heat sinks, heat transfer devices, power electronics, fire door inserts, solar panels and the Aerospace industry to name a few.

We have a range of machines that specialise in aluminium CNC machining. These machines can efficiently manufacture simple or complex details in extruded parts. We will speedily produce your aluminium components in the quantity you require and with the accuracy you expect.

Aluminium CNC Machining

Aluminium Heat Treatment

Aluminium heat treatment improves the strength and hardness of the material. We will stretch and de-twist the raw material and we can supply the most demanding specification you require.

As well as our aluminium heat treatment facility we have a coiling capability for lighter extrusions of lengths of up to 30 metres.

Aluminium Heat Treatment

Aluminium Alloys

Our aluminium alloys range is comprehensive and comes in many extrusion forms. The types of aluminium alloys include:

  • 1xxx aluminium of 99% minimum purity
  • 2xxx aluminium copper alloys
  • 3xxx aluminium  manganese alloys
  • 4xxx aluminium silicon alloys
  • 5xxx aluminium magnesium alloys
  • 6xxx aluminium magnesium -silicon alloys
  • 7xxx aluminium zinc magnesium alloys
  • 8xxx miscellaneous alloys such as aluminium lithium alloys

We have a range of alloys from 1050 to 7075 and the 6000 / 7000 alloys are the most commonly used in a wide range of applications. Please see the website for full details of our aluminium alloys range.

Aluminium Alloys
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