Caplugs Limited is a specialist provider of product protection parts, operating from Banbury in the UK where we carry extensive product stocks, and offer first class service back-up.

We handle over 8000 different products so if you cannot find exactly what you require please call us on +44(0)1295 263753 or use the "E-mail Us" button above, and we will do our best to understand your application, and supply you with the details of a selection of products that we trust will meet your needs.

If your requirement is for less than a standard pack try our  webshop – – where, for credit card payment only – a selection of products is available in small quantities with next day delivery.

For our non-UK customers we are able to quote and invoice in Euros. We also offer an express delivery service to most countries within the EU.

Plastic Caps

Caplugs are specialist suppliers of plastic protective caps to a wide range of industries. With our ISO9007:2008 certification you can be assured of our commitment to the highest quality standards. Our plastic caps range includes tapered, threaded and non threaded, vinyl, electrical, finishing and high temperature.

Plastic Plugs

Caplugs specialise in the supply of a wide range of plastic plugs, protective caps and related products to multiple industry sectors. We are committed to quality through ISO 9001:2008 certification. Please visit our website for more information or call us on 01295 263 753 if you would like to discuss your application.

T Series LPDE tapered caps and plugs

Tapered caplugs can be used as either caps or plugs. Because they are tapered in design and made from flexible polyethylene, they not only can be applied to fit snugly but are also readily removable.

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VC Series Vinyl round caps

Vinyl round caps

Series VC caps are extremely flexible and durable protective closures which are ideal for use as thread protectors, dust and moisture seals, pipe and stud end colour coding and for masking during painting or plating operations.

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DCC Series Conductive and Static Dissipative D-subminiature covers

DCC conductive caps are designed to provide electrostatic protection of rectangular D-subminiature input/output type connectors.

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EC Series LDPE connector caps

EC Series LPDE connector caps.

These  have been designed to fit over threads or cylindrical surfaces

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SC Series LPDE straight-sided sleeve caps

LPDE straight-sided sleeve caps

SC caps are designed to fit the outside diameters of tubes with a snug friction grip.

The SC Series is ideal for capping and protecting both threaded and non-threaded tubing or rod ends. They also make excellent masks for painting, plating or sand-blasting operations.

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CD Series LDPE threaded caps

LPDE threaded caps for straight and flared fittings

Knurled for ease of application, CD caps seal flared JIC fittings exceptionally well against dirt and moisture, as well as masking during dipping, painting and plating.

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BPF Series LPDE button plugs

LPDE button plugs with flush type heads

BPF button plugs with flush heads can be used for plugging holes in equipment made of sheet metal, such as car bodies, tanks, refridgeration units etc.. Thay can be snapped into holes easily and are held in place by a bead until deliberately removed.

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CPT Series LPDE centre pull tapered plugs

LPDE centre pull tapered plugs

CPT plugs have the same configuration and dimensions of standard tapered plugs but with an integral centre pull tab which facilitates insertion an removal of the plug.

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EP Series LPDE connector plugs

LPDE connector plugs

Series EP plugs are dust-protective closures for threaded connectors with a large flange for easy application and removal. They fit threaded or smooth cylindrical surfaces.

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