Captive Closures LLP


Captive Closures was established in 1994 with the aim of supplying the plastic closures industry.

Since then we have broadened our scope to supply all areas of UK and Irelands manufacturing sectors.

We operate from our own site in Nottinghamshire and support customers throughout the whole of the UK, We have 9 injection moulding machines supplied by the world renowned "Battenfeld" company, These machines are all state of the art and have the latest microprocessor controls, We run 24 hour production and have a full quality system in place. Our machines are from 25 ton up to 200 ton clamp force with shot weight up to 500g. Most of these machines have hydraulic core pulling ability. All have robot interface

Our production machinery list.

1. BA 250/50 CDC 25 Ton 4000 B
2. BA 600/200 CDC 60 Ton B4
3. BA 800/315 CDC 80 Ton 4000 B
4. BA 1000/315 CDC 100 Ton B4
5. HM 1000/525 S 100 Ton B4
6. HM 1000/525E 100 Ton B6
7. TM 1300/750 130 Ton B4
8. BA 2000/1000 BK 200 Ton 4000 B
9. HM 1000/525 100 ton B6

We also have numerous pieces of ancillary equipment to support our Battenfelds.

Our company manufactures several lines of own product, and also trade moulds for several blue chip companies and lots of SME's.

We serve almost all of the UK market sectors including, Cosmetics, Building & Glazing, Brewery supplies, Office machinery, Childcare, Automotive, Electrical components, Medical, Furniture fittings, Sensors and Housings, and lots more.

We have the capebility to process a wide range of thermoplastic polymers, from basic commodity material to very exotic engineering materials.

If you have an existing mould and would like an alternative quotation for supply then please get in touch.

Or if you are designing a product from scratch contact us at an early stage so that we may offer our considerable experience to help bring your product quickly to reality.

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