Since 1973, CAREL has been designing, producing and selling energy savings control solutions for the HVAC/R sector. CAREL has a sales network in over 70 countries, with plants in Italy, Brazil, China and the USA, being a trusted partner for our customers – manufactures (OEMs), installers and contractors operating in the HVAC/R market.

Innovation and technological advancement have followed every step in CAREL’s evolution. Proof of this lies in our milestones, as having been the first in Europe to design and manufacture a microprocessor electronic controller for precision air-conditioners in computer rooms, in the early eighties and in the early nineties we introduced a serial communication on our entire range of controllers. CAREL has always allocated an above-average percentage of sales to research, development and technological innovation. The personnel employed in the research and development of new products and market standards accounts for 18% of the total at a group level.

CAREL has always been in the front line regarding respecting the environment and all of its precious resources.

CAREL recognises its responsibility as a supplier and our objective is to eliminate waste, minimise water consumption, cut the amount of energy consumed and avoid polluting the environment. These principles accompany all of our products right from the design stage, through to development and production. We are continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the products we manufacture.

CAREL has founded its international reputation through continual development, relentless focus on customer needs, with a strategy strongly focused on technology, quality, energy efficient and innovation.

With over 40 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of humidification equipment CAREL UK expanded its service and maintenance division in direct response to customers’ requests for a more complete service package to encompass the whole lifecycle of the equipment, from manufacturing and commissioning to Maintenance, health checks and breakdown services. CAREL service understands the technology like no other and offers a national service on all brands of equipment.

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