Carlton Laser Services Ltd


We are proud of our laser cutting service and we can cut both thick and thin metal with a high degree of accuracy. Our laser cutting service is performed using one continuous cut by either moving the piece or moving the laser by CNC.

We offer a quality laser cutting service and it can be performed on many types of materials. Please contact us with your requirements. We are able to use your drawings on the following formats, hard copy, email or DXF floppy disc. Our laser cutting service provides short lead times, no tooling costs, low cost repetition, low set up costs, and almost any material can be cut, and a wide range of parts can be machined.

CNC Punching

Our CNC punching service is mainly for the automotive industry, the point of sale design houses, mechanical handling equipment suppliers, many aspects of the electrical and electronic systems industry. We also serve a variety of OEM manufacturers.

With our integrated cellular manufacturing processes, we are able to provide high quality CNC punching work in this demanding area of our business.

Welding and Fabrication

We can provide a quality in-house welding and fabrication service and our aim is to provide a single source of manufacturing for you. This single source will help you reduce your lead times, keep a single point of control and finishes with a lower unit cost per part.

We have the necessary welding and fabrication skills to manufacture complex parts to the standards you require. We also have a great deal of experience in MIG and TIG welding.

  • CNC folding
  • MIG and TIG coded welding operations
  • Machining
  • Fitting and Assembly

All combine to support our aim to offer as full a service as possible in pursuit of Single source manufacturing, reduces lead times, retains a single control point and results in lower unit costs per finished part. We have skills to undertake complex fabrications to the highest standards.

Metal Folding

We have a full range of metal folding and forming facilities including CNC bending and folding machines.

We provide a top quality and flexible metal folding service to ensure our position as a known and respected precision engineering company.


We offer an in-house assembly service including bonding, labelling, inserts, grommets, bench work, assembly, and hinge building.

Our assembly service is aimed at providing a single source of manufacturing thus reducing the lead time and lowering unit costs. We have the necessary skills to give you a quality assembly service.  We can provide your assembled components either fully assembled or packaged in kit form.

Polishing and Finishing

We realise our customers want a fully finished product or component. Polishing and finishing is a key part of your requirements. We have a many ways to polish and finish metal components. We can also finish your products with a variety of coatings.

Our polishing and finishing machine is very flexible and can be used to provide high quality finishes for parts and components of many sizes and shapes.

This allows us to provide manual coarse grinding, fine satin finishing and polishing metal surfaces to a very smooth finish.

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