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Carrier Bag Shop is the leading online retailer of carrier bags, packaging and promotional merchandise. We have a huge range of Paper Bags, Eco Friendly Bags, Gift Packaging, Tissue Paper, Crepe Paper, Cotton Bags and Ribbons. This entire product range and more can be found on our website at the lowest prices on the internet! We have very low minimum pack sizes and all goods can be available for Next Day Delivery! 

Paper Bags

Our paper bags are a very popular option for customers given their recyclable quality and the wide range of styles we offer. We stock the largest selection of paper bags in the UK. Our paper bags come with twisted paper handles, flat tape handles, and cotton handles. We also stock a selection of stock design paper carrier bags with unique patterns and designs.  

Paper bags have several wonderful advantages that go beyond their tidy appearance and eco-friendly appeal. They are available in various sizes with various side gussets, making the bags suitable for a number of products. Paper bags may be easily packed flat and undertake hardly any space when stored behind a counter, in boxes or even in a stockroom. And of course, their eco-friendly appeal is an important one - paper bags are recyclable, making them easy to dispose of. 

White Paper Bags & Brown Paper Bags

Our brown and white paper bags with twisted paper handles are of top quality and offer outstanding value for money! These bags are our most popular sellers. The brown bag is a gorgeous ribbed brown kraft paper carrier bag in a range of sizes. These bags are simple, classic and stylish! They are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, these bags are an ideal alternative to plastic. The advantages are that they are made from a strong ribbed kraft paper with twisted paper handles attached to the inside of the bags. The flat block bottom version is suited for boxes and other containers. The bags are suitable for holding up to 2kg in weight.

The white kraft paper carrier bag is available in a range of different sizes and are ideal for use in gift stores, boutiques, clothing outlets and other retail stores.

Marketing your brand is the most efficient way of getting it recognised. Printing on these bags is an ideal way of maximizing brand image through immaculate packaging. For a print quote give our team a call on 02030029952.


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We have paper bags, plastic bags, gift bags and jute bags on offer! Take a look now! These offers are only available while stocks don't miss out!

Luxury Gift Bags

How can you enrich your packaging in order to give a lovely finesse flaire? How about with a designer luxury gift bag?

We stock a range made from thick 230gsm card to give that extra edge of quality. These bags are a Carrier Bag Shop exclusive and have become a firm favourite with retailers who want to sell these bags on. In addition, retailers can use it to not only to sell these bags, but also to make their packaging unique and elegant.

Each bag size comes with a unique shaped handle just to make it that extra bit special!

Visit us to take a glimpse at what we have to offer.  

Eco Friendly Bags - Recycled Paper Bags

Recycled Paper Bags

As an Eco Friendly option, twist handle paper bags are available in a pre consumer waste recycled Kraft paper at no extra cost. Our luxury laminated bags, and Kraft paper flat handle takeaway style bags are also made from 100% recycled pre consumer waste.

Tissue Paper

Want to give your packaging a lovely touch? Take a look at our diverse range of tissue paper. We have a great value range in a host of colours and pack sizes, as well as an acid-free premium dyed tissue paper in over 25 colours. They come in a wide range of tones and textures, including glittered and metallic, and can also be printed on. We also stock a great range of parcel wrapping and packing materials on top of our range of tissue paper.


Fill a big with tissue paper, or wrap a gift, whatever you do with tissue paper, it will make your corporate brand image stand out from the standard offerings. Give a unique feeling to the customer, as though they've just bought something special.

Tissue paper is ideally used for gift wrapping and decorations, particularly by jewellers, boutiques, arts and craft shops and even for weddings! You could even be creative and design artistic and innovative things just with the use of tissue paper. Get your creative side thinking...

Double Satin Ribbons

Our assortment of elegant and colour rich Double Satin Ribbons – all of which you can print your company name and logo on – have finally arrived! You have the option of 16 colours to choose from, including Black, Cream and Lilac. The ribbons come in a with choice of 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 25mm widths. They are of exceptional quality and a perfect way to promote your logo with high quality printing. For a print quote give our team a call on 02030029952.

They are made from a luxurious smooth polyester and provide a lovely shiny finish on both side of the ribbon. Ideal for use in boutiques, jewellers, florists and arts and crafts stores.

Print your company name and logo on. If you would like more information, a sample or a free quote then give us a call on 0203 002 9952 and our specialist staff will give you honest and expert advice on exactly what we can do for you.

Organza Bags

Want to use a bag as decoration? Organza bags are essentially what you are looking for. Not only do they look pretty, but they can be re used; hence ideal if you're on a tight budget. They come in a great selection of colours and are flexible, lightweight bags.

We have introduced an entire new range of Organza Bags. Organza Bags are great for wedding favours, jewellery and small gifts. Ethically sourced these have become a must have for small events and weddings alike. Available in 8 different colours and 4 different sizes, we are sure that we have the right organza pouch for you.

We also stock Wine Bottle Bags, Box Style Gift Bags, Gift Boxes and Metal Gift Tins in a range of colours sizes and designs ideal for any gift that you want to wrap.

Counter Bags & Candy Stripe Paper Bags

Brown and White Flat Kraft Paper Bags are one our most popular items and are used by greengrocers and the catering trade. These bags come in 37gsm and are totally food safe. These bags are a great choice in today's environment as they can be recycled. 

We've added our own Carrier Bag Shop twist with a unique range of Coloured Candy Stripe Bags, Variety Paper Bags and Block Bottom Grocery Bags. 

New to this range is our Film Fronted Paper Bags, a great bag for packing food items such as sandwiches, pastries and also photos and greeting cards.

These bags are ideal for grocery shops, newsagents, sweet stores and markets! Cheap and cheerful! Come and take a look today!

Twisted Handled Paper Bags

A classic paper bag with a whole host of uses. We stock 16 great colours in a wide range of sizes. These are available in as little as 25 bags per pack so are great for a small party or event to retail and exhibitions. They are stylish classic, stylish bags which are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, offering excellent value for money! A suitable substitute for plastic bags, made from strong kraft paper with flat block bottom suited for boxes and containers.

Whether you are a retail outlet, hosting an event or exhibiting at a trade show why not get your bags printed with your logo to ensure that your brand stands out and gets the maximum exposure it deserves.

If you would like more information, a sample or a free quote then give us a call on 0203 002 9952 and our specialist staff will give you honest and expert advice on exactly what we can do for you.

Paper Bags with Twist handles

If we were required to select one word to describe the upgraded version our Coloured Paper Bags with Twisted Handles it would be dazzling. As part of our innovative and forward-thinking attitude to business, we chose to re-vamp our existing version into an improved, bolder paper bag. The Italian-made bags is for sale in a wide range of bright colours and sizes.

The colours in the upgraded paper bags have become more luminous, with increased visibility and stronger character. The metallic-cool of our gold, silver and bronze twist handle bags has become infused into our newer version, but these three colours are more light-reflecting, damage resistant and bold. The black, navy and dark green paper bags are sharper and much more striking versions from the existing colours. As well as the pink, orange, yellow and green are positively luminous, bringing a fun and summery feel on your packaging options. Regarding our neutral colours - the white and natural-brown variations of the bag - they're as classic as ever. 

Flat Handle Paper Bags

A very popular choice by our customers. These are the traditional take away style bag and are made from a post-consumer Recycled 70gsm Brown Paper. Used commonly by restaurants and take aways, these bags are strong, food safe and perfect for holding containers of food.

We are now offering a range of colours as well as a recycled range. Flat tape handles are attached to the exterior of the bags with a flat blocked bottom for boxes and containers, in particular food containers!

Get consumers to know your brand. Print your logo on them! Add this finishing touch to bring a greater volume of customers in. Visit our website for more details.

Plastic Bags - Punched Handle

Great value and durable, perfect for newsagents and convenience stores.

Punched Handle

  • Available in Standard and Bio-Degradable Premium Grade
  • Up to 22 colours available
  • Available with reinforced patch handle

With our wide range of plastic carrier bags you are sure to find the right bag to suite your business.

Plastic Bags - Vest Bags

Vest Bags

Most commonly used in grocery stores and supermarkets, these bags offer better value than any other carrier bags we sell. We also have a range of recycled vest plastic carrier bags for the eco-conscious!

  • Available in 4 colours
  • Bio-degradable option available
  • Available in packs of 1000 and 5000

Eco Friendly Bags - Cotton Carrier Bags

Cotton Carrier Bags

Our Cotton Bags are becoming increasingly popular for promotional events and trade shows as they have a long after-show life and are reused time and time again. Branding the bags with your logo will help with the promotion of your brand.
These bags can be resold too, and often retail stores will offer them to clients as an extra product. Top end stores like the Cotton Bags as an option as they are often a similar price to Laminated Paper Bags. Cotton Bags are food safe and can hold weights of up to 5 kilos making them a versatile option. Cotton Bags come in black, green, light pink, shocking pink, natural, yellow, and royal blue with long or short handles.

Eco Friendly Bags - Jute Bags

Jute Bags

Our Jute Bags are strong reusable bags and are commonly used as shopping bags and a strong alternative to cotton bags. All of our Jute Bags are handmade in factories in India, and as such are made in a safe and controlled environment, making them ethically sourced. Jute Bags come in white or natural colours with jute handles, and long cotton handles. Jute bottle bags for one, two or three bottles with or without a window are also available.

Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging

We supply a wide range of packaging materials which includes packaging cartons, packaging tape, jiffy bags, Cellophane food bags, Kraft wrapping rolls, polythene packing bags, refuse sacks, grip seal bags, and much more.

Are you a mail order company? Why not print your logo? It's the easiest way to market your brand and get consumers to know that you exist!

Carrier Bag Shop Printing Service

Our most popular service is supplying our customers with bespoke, quality printed carrier bags. Our vast product range and cutting edge printing methods enable us to print on virtually any of our stock products. Whether you are a high street store looking to promote your business or a company promoting your services at a trade show, we have the right Carrier Bag for you. Why not pick up the phone and give us a call to see how was can help you.

We pride ourselves on offering: 

  • Expert and honest advice
  • The best value for money
  • Widest selection of products available.

Our printing capabilities are wide and extensive so why not get in touch and speak to one of our team of experts, they will be happy to discuss exactly what we can do for you

Promotional Merchandise

Every brand is unique and therefore has unique requirements when it comes to promotion. With our range of promotional items we can assist any businesses of any size in any industry promote their brand.

Promotional Merchandise

Our range includes classic products such as caps, key-rings, pens, pencils, erasers, mugs and coasters and extends to new innovative products including, mice, mouse mats, USB memory sticks, yoyos and measuring tapes. We have sourced a number of specialist suppliers, in order to offer flexibility on order quantities, fast turnaround times and a diverse range of products, whilst remaining competitive on pricing. Why not give us a call and see how we can help you?

Clothing & Workwear

Clothing & Work Wear

We are able to print on Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Fleeces, Jackets, Caps, and Trousers. We can even supply you with school uniforms! Printing options include anything from single tone to full colour print. An embroidery option is also available. Whether your workers need warm uniforms, or you are looking to increase your brand exposure we can help you. Why not take a look at our range of Clothing & Work Wear and request a call back?

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