Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd


We provide laser welding services to many specialist engineering companies. Our services include:

  • Laser welds to titanium, stainless and high carbon steels, aluminium and high grade nickel alloys, some copper alloys
  • Precision welding of electronic assemblies
  • Laser welding trials and procedures, prototypes and pre-production
  • Laser clad repairs to moulds, tools, guns, cycles and other high value items
  • Robot production laser welding
  • Testing, macro/micro analysis and laboratory reports

Right first time and to ISO9001/2008 UKAS at Carrs Welding Technologies and AS9100 UKAS at Carrs Welding Products Ltd.


Energy Industry gets their laser welding services from Carrs.

The UK is the home of invention and entrepreneurship and there are numerous companies working on the development of tomorrow's energy sources and the means of saving this precious commodity; Carrs are assisting many in this quest.

In general terms our involvement stems from the ability to fabricate ever smaller and lighter structures in exotic materials which do not corrode, producing high performance products at very reasonable cost.

Aerospace Laser

Carrs Welding Technologies have been welding pumps and sensors for various aerospace projects for over 5 years and supply many blue chip companies in the sector.

We are normally involved right at the start of a project, as we did with the new Airbus A380 where we were asked to weld a permanent magnet motor which has a crucial role in the operating of the aircraft. Test-pieces are welded at the time of the development and a laboratory test report retained certifying the acceptability of the welding to the standard defined at the outset of the project.

Free issue parts are supplied to us and we retain the tooling developed at the time of the testing programme. Carrs train coded welders specifically for such critical jobs which are carried out on our Robot laser welding systems. The manipulation of the job and laser and the power and speed settings are all stored electronically for maximum repeatability and quality.


We are experts in the field of electronic assembly welding.

Work is carried out under microscope (X10 optics) so operators are always on target. Laser welding permits miniature welds down to 0.2mm in diameter and, with the precision and accuracy of the process, heat affected zones are highly localised with minimal risk to any sensitive components surrounding the weld area.

Most applications involve electronic circuitry which needs a protective shell welding in place. Lids welded on to machined housings may be millimetres from the electronics and the semiconductors must remain fully functional, so pinpoint accuracy and low heat input are prerequisites. Castings in aluminium and even stainless steel enclosures are used in a wide variety of applications.

Carrs Laser Weld Medical

Carrs have been laser welding surgical instruments and orthopaedic implants for nearly ten years.

Titanium and high grade stainless steel is better welded by laser than by conventional means; as the heat input is so much lower high value components are not distorted and the essential properties of the material are retained.

In such sensitive applications, why compromise the excellent corrosion resistance of 17-4 grade stainless steel with a low quality weld? Precision welding and cleanliness are imperatives for us in this sector, coupled with 100% inspection and a nil failure record which contribute to better patient outcomes and reduced costs.

Motorsport Laser

We are fortunate to be situated close to many famous names in motor racing and carry out diverse projects in the industry.

From welding of special gears for small batches of gearboxes, to rack-and-pinion steering gear, differentials, cylinder blocks, suspension arm strengthening ribs and advanced devices at the cutting edge of racing technology, you can depend on us to keep your team in pole position. We weld aluminium alloys, steel and titanium and resolve your high-tech welding issues. Prototype work is frequently undertaken.

Repairs Including Tool Repair

Repairs including tool repair, aluminium laser welding and titanium welding.

Carrs Laser Weld Firearms

Shotguns and other firearms are often exposed to wet and corrosive residues after shooting.

Wear on sears, ejectors and latches all lead to an underperforming gun that may seize up or stop working. Carrs are a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) and have been welding gun components since 2000.

Laser Welding Tooling

Steels, especially hard tool steels can be welded conventionally but the heat and the stress introduced with Tig welding make it almost impossible to remove all witness to the repair.

Typically a Tig weld has a large heat affected zone (HAZ) with a soft centre and a hard ring where the steel has been quenched quickly; high carbon content material is also prone to cracking. Even if cracking is avoided, the hard ring will show up as a shiny surface and round the repair will be harder than the original. See how laser technology can overcome these welding problems and talk to us before replacing expensive tools.

Cycling Repair Services

Laser welding comes into its own with modern titanium and aluminium cycle frames and components.

Repairs and modifications are highly effective and unobtrusive due to the fine welds which can be achieved.

Carrs repair road, track, mountain, BMX and other frames at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Repaired areas are often stronger than the original construction.

Additionally, insurance companies no longer need to be obliged to write off expensive frames when an economical and safe repair can be effected.

Laser Welding Classic Vehicles

Renovation and repairs using laser welding technology.

Maintaining the value of an historic car is frequently dependent on the vehicle's originality. As genuine spare parts become scarce or obsolete, pattern parts may emerge but are frequently not of the high standard of the original fitment.

The intrinsic benefit of laser welding is that original parts may be repaired or rebuilt rather than resorting to replacement. Welding wires are matched to the original material for an often invisible, but high integrity repair; this is rarely possible using conventional welding techniques.

Laser Weld All Types Of Vehicle Wheels

Laser weld all types of vehicle Wheels.

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