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Cascade offer a wide selection of quality mains water pipe fittings for joining, repairing, hot tapping and flow control on all common pipe materials.

Hot Tap - Line Stopping Under Pressure Tees

Stainless Steel: Hot tap & line stop tees for metallic and plastic pipe, all welded construction & heavy gauge stainless steel for high  pressure branch connections

Ratchet Spanner M12 & M16:
Open ended ratchet spanner fits over any length of bolt to tighten M12 or M16 nuts, also know as a podger spanner

CA-20 3/4" to 2" Drilling Machine: Manual, electric or pneumatic drilling machine with pilot drill & coupon catcher for hot taps on all common pipe materials, covers ¾” to 2"

Carbon Steel: Hot tap, stopple & line stop tees for high pressure large diameters cast iron, ductile iron and asbestos cement gas, sever and water main pipes

Q-Tee: Hot tap & line stop tees with a reusable blade valve for under pressure drilling. No gate valve is  therefore required.  They can be used on all pipe materials including HDPE.

HDPE / PVC: Mechanical hot tap tee designed specifically for uses on PVC, alkathene & HDPE pipe as an alternative to electrofusion.

Repair Clamps

Stainless Steel Repair
Clamp for the permanent repair of leaks caused by holes or cracks in pipes. All welded construction permits heavy gauge stainless steel to be used resulting in high pressure ratings

Steel Pipe Repair
Malleable iron repair clamp used to repair holes and cracks on steel pipes from 3/8" to 4"

Ratchet Spanner M12 & M16
Tatchet spanner that fits any length of bolt to tighten an M19 or M24 nut

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Tapping Saddles

Stainless Steel Bossed Saddle
Bossed clip with female or male threads, all welded construction allows heavy gauge stainless steel to be used which results in high pressure ratings. Popular sizes are stock items and we can also manufacture to your specific requirements.

Bossed Universal SaddleStrap
Universal Pipe Saddles with ¾” to 2” outlets and stainless steel straps to suite pipes ranging from 60-571mm. Straps can also be joined for larger size pipes, suitable for all rigid pipes including PVC and asbestos cement

Hot Tapping Blade Valve
Blade Valve for Under Pressure Drilling, 2" female inlet and ¾” to 2" female BSP outlets available

Copper Pipe Tapping Saddle
Brass bossed clamp for copper pipe sizes ranging from 15mm up to 54mm with ½”, ¾”, 1" and 1 ¼” female BSP outlets, rated to 10 bar and temperatures up to 90° C

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Pipe Drilling Machines

Our products in this area include:

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Universal Couplings & Flange Adaptors

Our couplings and flange adaptor products include:

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End Restraint Couplings & Flange Adaptors

Our end restraint couplings and flange adaptors range includes:

  • Dedicated flange adaptors for PE and PVC pipe
  • WAGA flange adaptor
  • Dedicated flange adaptor for HDPE and PVC pipe
  • Dedicated end restraint coupling for PE pipe
  • End restraint coupling
  • Dedicated couplings for PE and PVC pipe
  • WAGA coupling
  • Pipe inserts
  • Pushfit fittings for PE pipe
  • End restraint flange adaptor

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Double Studded Flange Converter

Double Studded Flange Converter

ISO to ISO and BS 4505 PN16/10 to BS10 Table D & E in stock which are also known as change piece adaptor, transition flanges, spiders, change plate & milk maids.

Gunmetal Service Connections for Water Pipe

  • Self tapping ferrule strap: Saddles tapping on PE, PVC & asbestos cement water pipe, available with pushfit &female iron BSP outlets, suitable for use  in contaminated ground, WRAS approved nitrile o-rings, BS1400 LG2 gunmetal
  • Stopcock - stop tap: BS 5433 screwdown gunmetal stop taps with BSP female iron threads in sizes ½” to 2” for underground use. Fitted with compression or pushfit adaptors they can be used with PE pipe
  • Swivel ferrule: Effective service connections on ductile, cast and steel mains water pipe and, asbestos cement and PVC using a flat boss strap. Available with female iron and 25mm and 32mm pushfit outlets
  • Gunmetal gate valve: BS 5154 , series B, PN25 or PN16, Body Gunmetal LG2 BS 1400, Non-rising spindle, female threads

Electrofusion Welding Machines

Universal Electrofusion Box
Three models are available; manual, automatic and with traceability

Basic Butt Fusion Machine
Semi automatic machine for PE butt fusion on 63mm to 315mm pipes

TRACK Butt Fusion Machine
Electro-hydraulically operated for jointing PE, PP, PB & PVDF pipes and fittings from 50 to 1200mm

TWIN-S Butt Fusion Machine
Integrates electrofusion and butt fusion into one box, butt fusion from 63mm to 315mm

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Ductile Fittings

Ductile Pipe Fittings
A full range of PN16 flanged cast iron water pipe fittings for cast & ductile pipe, EN 545 for potable water and EN 598 for sewage and wastewater

Adjustable Ductile Iron Flanged Fittings
The rotating flanges permit easy alignment of the bolt holes with flanged ductile pipe making installation faster and safer

Fabricated Flanged Fittings
Flanged pipe fittings fabricated in carbon steel and flanged PN16 or ANSI, epoxy coated

Dismantling Joints
DMJ are double flanged fittings that are adjustable longitudinal permitting access in flanged pipe systems, e.g. to permit easy access to a valve

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