Cask Widge Cellar Equipment Ltd.


Cask Widge Cellar Equipment provides the total 'Fit & Forget' upright extraction system that eliminates the difficulties of real ale dispense.

Our 'Floating Cask Widge' System:

  • Simple to use
  • Cuts down on handling problems and safety issues
  • Increases cellar capacity
  • No need for racking or manual handling devices
  • Every component is available individually and is easily replaced when required
  • Fast and efficient delivery
  • Maximises profits
  • Full cleaning kits, dipsticks and clarity testers available
  • Less chance of disturbing the sediment if accidentally moved
  • Extended shelf life
  • All components are light, robust and made from recyclable materials
  • Reduces operating overheads
  • Reduces the risk of 'top break' contamination spreading down
  • No heavy lifting involved
  • Eliminates almost all consumable waste


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