Castex Products Ltd.


Castex Products Ltd is a family run manufacturing company based in New Mills Derbyshire. We have years of experience producing all kinds of products and components for many different markets providing a one stop shop for design, development and manufacture of all kinds of cast aluminium and magnesium products and components. 

Mass Production

We have the ability to manufacture in mass production quantities having done so for many years on certain products 

Gravity Die Casting

We specialise in Gravity die casting Aluminium and Magnesium alloys and have a fully kitted out finishing department which can carry out the following operations

Product Development R&D

We use various analytical techniques and instruments to aid us in the development of new products. We are always happy to discuss a clients requirements, taking a development through the entire life cycle, from design, testing and manufacture.

Veterinary Pharmacuetical

As a VMD inspected/audited site and as one of the only bolus manufacturers in the UK we are uniquely placed to develop and manufacture all kinds of Veterinary Pharmaceutical intraruminal devices. 

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