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Casting Consultants UK specialising in Cast Articulated Pipe and Castings SG and Iron  have relocated their manufacturing facility to Istanbul, Turkey and continue to offer quality assured grey and ductile iron castings, whilst maintaining a UK based sales and technical support team.

We offer professional advice on all technical aspects of casting and have well in excess of 50 years experience in the foundry industry

Cast Articulated Pipe 

Castings SG and Iron

Most castings are produced on a fully automated moulding line with a plate size of 600 x 500 x 200mm. Production varies between 70 - 110 moulds per hour, depending on size and core intensity.

This system uses resin patterns mounted on double sided aluminium plates, benefiting high volume production consistency and eliminating cross jointing problems, therefore maintaining a high quality standard through out. Fast pattern changes also enable jobbing and volume production from 5 to 1000. 

Deliveries arrive weekly from Istanbul by road, to our premises.

We can also offer

A shell moulding facility for dimensional accuracy and surface finish where required.

Non-ferrous pressure die-castings up to 2kg, and gravity die castings up to 25kg - fully machined if required.

Low volume grey iron, ductile iron and aluminium castings produced in the UK.

Large casting from 100kg up to 4000kg in grey and ductile iron - produced in Poland. - Fully machined if required.

For any help you need with castings design and information on the services we offer please contact our sales team at  Sittingbourne, Kent

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