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We specialise in diamond drilling and cutting. We carry out professional and comprehensive concrete and masonry diamond drilling and diamond cutting services.

If you are looking for the complete concrete drilling service, we have the superior solutions for you. Our expertise with diamond drilling enables us to deliver a non-intrusive, smooth and accurate concrete drilling service.

Concrete Cutting Service

We tailor our vast array of expert diamond drilling services to your exact project requirements. As well as concrete drilling, we also provide an unbeatable concrete cutting service.

We provide our masonry and concrete cutting service throughout the UK, utilising the most professional and advanced diamond cutting techniques and capabilities.

Concrete Cutting Service

Concrete Sawing Services

Further to drilling and cutting, we also offer concrete sawing services, suitable to all job types and specific requirements.

Our concrete sawing services are delivered with our superior diamond cutting equipment by our expert team.

Concrete Sawing Services

Drilling and Cutting London

We provide a comprehensive service for diamond drilling and cutting throughout London. If you require diamond drilling and cutting in London, we provide specialist, cost-effective services for projects of all sizes.

Our ‘cutting edge’ service, along with our in-depth knowledge and expertise with drilling and cutting, will ensure you always receive the complete service.

Drilling and Cutting London

Concrete Wall Sawing

Our broad services also include concrete wall sawing. Concrete wall sawing, also known as track sawing, is an effective and efficient solution for high-quality precision masonry and concrete wall cutting.

Our state-of-the-art electrically powered diesel and petrol machines are capable of carrying out all concrete wall sawing tasks and related requirements.

  • Cutting holes in walls for doorways
  • Cutting holes for windows
  • Reducing wall heights
  • Forming lift shaft openings
Concrete Wall Sawing

Concrete Floor Grinding

As well as concrete wall sawing, we also provide vast services for concrete floor grinding. We are specialists in concrete floor grinding and offer this service throughout London and the UK.

For more information on concrete floor grinding, visit our website.

Concrete Floor Grinding

Floor Shot Blasting

Within our floor planning services, we provide floor shot blasting. Our floor shot blasting proves to be and efficient and environmentally acceptable dust-free method of preparing and texturing masonry services.

We provide shot blasting by utilising both ‘ride-on’ and ‘walk behind’ machines. Our unique and professional methods are versatile and are effective on both masonry and concrete, resulting in a textured, clean non-slip surface to traffic upon or for materials to adhere to.

Floor Shot Blasting

Non-slip Concrete Flooring

Our floor shot blasting and related services create refined non-slip concrete flooring.

If you require non-slip concrete flooring, our shot blasting and related techniques will give you cost effective and unbeatable results.

Non-slip Concrete Flooring

Concrete Floor Preparation

We provide specialist concrete and asphalt floor planning services and machines for a variety of applications such as concrete floor preparation.

As well as concrete floor preparation, we also provide solutions for wall preparation. Visit our website to find out more.

Concrete Core Cutting

Our broad range of cutting and drilling services also extend to concrete core cutting.

As well as concrete core cutting, services include:

  • Rock drilling
  • Floor sawing
  • Wall sawing
  • Diamond wire sawing
  • Chasing
  • Floor planning
  • Wall preparation
  • Anti-slip grooving
Concrete Core Cutting

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