Castle Microwave Ltd.


Founded in 1981 as a specialist component distributor, Castle Microwave is one of the UK's foremost suppliers of state-of-the-art microwave and optical devices.

Our qualified team as Castle offer a unique understanding of your needs, and can advise on all aspects of design and development, from initial concept to production.

Our range of expertise covers components and subsystems used in today's modern military, space, telecommunication and optical systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of engineering services, with an applications laboratory capable of microwave network and frequency analysis covering the range 10MHz to 40GHz.

The company operates an ISO 9000 quality assurance system, which is certified by the British Standards Institute to ISO 9001 (BSI Registration No. RS21649). We also hold additional approvals for leading international companies with whom we trade.

Our reputation will reflect the service we offer you, our customer.

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