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We hold the position as the world number one for maintenance and repair technology.

This much sought after service has been built up through a niche strategy of service, support and training. We have unrivalled knowledge in the welding business and provide our customers with a second to none service. Here a just a few of our welding related products advantages:

  • maximum life span of important machine parts
  • efficient solutions to general welding problems
  • increased productivity
  • lower production costs
  • minimum down-time


Over the years there have been endless developments and improvements in the brazing process. We are at the forefront of the latest brazing capabilities and disciplines.

Our consumables have been intensely developed and fine-tuned over many years. We offer the very best in not only performance, but also versatility and cost effectiveness.

Our range covers:

  • Brazing Alloys
  • Soft Solder
  • Silver Brazing Alloys
  • Fluxes
  • Pastes
  • Foils

Protective Coating

Thermal spraying or similar metal processes are utilised in the production of protective coating.

This process and application allows the deposition of organic, ceramic, metallic and composite materials. Our range of protective coating covers:

  • metallic
  • ceramic
  • plastic
  • equipment


Protective Coating

CDP Wear Plate

To produce the most durable and reliable CDP wear plate, we utilise the most current technologies.

This CDP wear plate offers immense protection against abrasion and erosion, thus providing you with unbeatable defences and cost reducing solutions. Not only is our CDP wear plate durable, but it also has flexible qualities due to its complex geometry; it can be cut, reformed and welded to meet specific requirements.

CDP Wear Plate

CDP CastoStuds

For the most flexible and easy to use process for surface protection, our new CDP CastoStuds do not require any specific welding skills and have a simple, yet innovative design.

Enhanced materials and unique stud shapes allow these CDP CastoStuds to be highly abrasion resistant and can increase the durability of components in a range of industries.

Benefits include:

  • Easy and simple to apply
  • Fast: ca. 4 Studs / minute
  • Working in all positions, portable equipment
  • Highly abrasion resistant, can withstand impact
CDP CastoStuds

Wear Protection Training

For the highest quality and professionalism in wear protection training, we have the solutions for you.

Since the 1930's we have been offering specialised training courses across a wide range of industries and our wear protection training is second to none.

All welding processes are considered, including:

  • MMA
  • Mig
  • Tig Brazing
  • Soldering and Thermal Spray Coatings
Wear Protection Training

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