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Spring driven cable reels are manufactured by Cavotec Alfo in Germany and Cavotec RMS in France and are used within ports all over the world for a variety of different applications. The spring driven cable reels are robust and engineered to work in the most difficult environments.

Hatch Pit

Cavotec is the world leading supplier of in ground utility solutions. Cavotec hatch pits and pop up pits serve as user friendly storage devices for 400Hz cables and other utilities such as 50Hz supplies, pre conditioned air, water and compressed air. Each hatch pit allows easy access to all service outlets by presenting them to the operator above the apron level. The pits are load rated to EN124 Class F900 and can be installed at aircraft contact gates, remote parking positions, or in aircraft hangar facilities. Cavotec can provide prefabricated service hatches ready for installation on site, or we can supply the hatch and associated equipment to be installed into a concrete chamber by others.

Radio Remote Controls (Receiver Units)

The range of Radio Remote Control Receiver Units designed and manufactured by Cavotec Micro-control cover all common industry applications.

Upon request, the range of receivers provided by Cavotec Micro-control can all be built into an Ex d/e housing. These housings have been specially designed to fulfill all Ex requirements according to ATEX and IEC certification guidelines.

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Steel Cable Chain

For all applications where it is not possible to use nylon chain (steel works, foundries, machine tools, oil rigs) Brevetti Stendalto offers the steel series. Manufactured in mild steel zinc plate, they are available with aluminium drilled frames or steel rods with movable separators. For special applications the steel components are made in stainless steel AISI 316.

For further information on steel chains please view our steel cable chains catalogue and brevetti cable chains catalogue.

To request a personalised project please fill out the attached form.

Nylon Cable Chains

Nylon cable chain link trunking for protection of machine service components such as cables, pneumatic and hydraulic pipes when used in robotics and other applications where services are required to move with the movement of the machinery.

The chain may be used in ambient temperatures between -25°C and +125°C and is durable against harsh corrosive environments as found in refineries and machine applications, or areas where chemical fumes, refrigeration fluids, lubricating oils and solvents are present.

For all types the connecting pivot pins may be removed facilitating assembly of different size lengths.

  • Cable Chains
  • Medium Chains
  • Heavy Series
  • Sliding Series
  • Protections Series
  • Robot Series

Mounting brackets are available separately, brackets are supplied in sets of two. All types of chain link trunking are supplied in approximately one metre lengths.

Power Supply Connectors

Cavotec has developed a complete range of low and medium voltage power supply connectors for the mining and tunnelling industries. Designed to meet the intense demands of these sectors, our electrical power connectors are in action above ground and deep below the earth at sites throughout the world.

With both low and medium voltage ranges, our power supply connectors cover a vast array of industry needs.

All electrical power connectors can be supplied pre-fitted in standard power units including short-circuit breakers. Cavotec also produces a complete range of multi-pin outlets for control cables, designed to supply a maximum of 50 pins and 15 Amps.

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