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CBC Design was founded to help customer who require industrial battery management solutions. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we design and manufacture thyristor single and three phase powered battery charging equipment and related bespoke electronic products for some of the world's leading companies & corporations in Automotive, Information Technology, Petro-Chemical, Marine, Broadcasting, Sound, Communication and Manufacturing Industries.


Open Chassis Battery Chargers

As well as manufacturing enclosed charging systems we produce open chassis versions for installation into existing enclosures. Built to order, each system is bespoke to suit end customer requirements. 

DC Voltage Alarms

As well as charging batteries it's essential to know what your cells are doing when mains power is unavailable. Voltage alarms measure particular parameters such as battery or charger output voltage and signify anything out of the ordinary. The low DC voltage monitor tells you that the batteries are low. A high voltage monitor is useful for indicating that the batteries are being overcharged. We also manufacture charge failure and earth leakage alarms.

Low Voltage LED Drivers.

If you need to light up an led to signify that a battery is charged, has a high terminal voltage or is reaching the end of its discharge curve we have a pcb to suit. Simple, easy to install and inexpensive but with a proven track record in some of the harshest applications our 722, 822 and 823 boards are just the ticket.

Pole Window Wash Pump Controllers

Do you work in the window cleaning industry using hose pole fed long reach cleaning systems? If so our Avvonflo pump controller may interest you. Contact Daqua on 15592 772268 for further information.  

Model Railway Signalling Products

If you are interested in model railways and are creating a more advanced layout than a simple oval on a base board, a layout with signals, working level crossings, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings for your town scene, have a look at our range of driver kits and pcbs. We have a number of digital assemblies specifically designed to drive led signals and gantries so they function just like the real ones do. 

Battery Equaliser

The Battery Equaliser compensates for balance irregularities between series connected batteries and increases the capacity accordingly. In independent tests improvements of up to 40% were recorded using equalisers in automotive applications. Contact CamdenBoss on 01638 716101 for further information.

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