CCTV in Focus


Here at CCTV in Focus, we are the UKs leading independent CCTV testing company. We specialise in helping you avoid ineffective, poor CCTV images like the example to the right. We supply CCTV testing to ensure your security strategy provides the results you expect while enhancing its efficiency and complying with the law.

CCTV Auditing

As the worlds leading CCTV auditing organisation, we are licensed by the police crime reduction initiative “Secured By Design”. Our unrivaled CCTV auditing services provide planning, testing and assessment of your new and old CCTV systems to provide an objective overview of your CCTV systems capabilities.

Regular CCTV Maintenance

We provide regular CCTV maintenance to ensure your systems deliver optimum performance. Regular CCTV maintenance will maintain picture quality throughout the lifetime of your system. We provide professional reports by hardcopy and disc to demonstrate your systems performance and assist with future inspections.

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