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We have a comprehensive range of thyristor power controllers for different requirements. These can be supplied for constant or variable resistance, single or three phase, inductive or transformer coupled. Whatever your requirement we have the thryristor power controller for you.

Soft Starters

Our soft starters are a reliable and energy efficient way of running electrical motors. The soft starters are able to drive a range of different motors including three phase, three wire and squirrel cage induction motors.

Solid State Relays

Whatever your need we have a wide selection of solid state relays units to suit. Our range of solid state relays cover single or three phase constant resistant loads up to 700A.

Power Line Filters

We supply a comprehensive range of power line filters to suit a variety of industries such as medical, military, aerospace, telecom and many more. Our power line filters are all safety approved to UL, CSA and CE requirements we stock many products to suit your filtering needs.

Power & Energy Meters

We have selection of compact power and energy meters which are suitable for a range of systems and controls panels. Our products are able to do a variety of tasks such as displaying and monitoring locally as well as allowing integration of different systems. The power and energy meters can be mounted by DIN rail or on a front panel.

Temperature & Process Controllers

We offer a wide range of temperature & process controllers suitable for process or temperature controlled devices. Our stock of temperature & process controllers include fully supported brand names in a variety of sizes with mounting options of either single or multi-loop rail mount.

Data Recorders

We offer two recording type FUJI data recorders, well known for being the most reliable available.

  • Standard paper fan-fold in 1 to 12 channels and universal input.
  • Paperless with 5.7" graphical screen in 3 to 36 universal inputs.

For more information on data recorders visit our website.

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