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Censol specialise in oil absorbent products such as pads, socks, mats and rolls. All these oil absorbent  products and more can be incorporated into the Absorbent Station system.

  • A full range of spill containment and spill kits (general purpose, oil only and chemical) for everyday work spills
  • Censol have also developed a range of low lint, specialist engineering wipes, maintenance wipes, aerospace wipes and other wiping products (designed specifically for the Aerospace, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Clean room environments) that can compete with the best Microfibre wiping cloths.

Censol are also behind the design and manufacturing of the Wipe 2 range of Degreasing Wet Wipes (Wipemaster Wipe 2) and Wipe 9 IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) Wet Wipes both designed specially for the engineering and aerospace industries in the UK.


Censol provide a wide range of oil absorbent products in a variety of styles and sizes, suitable for all types of liquid spills:

  • General Purpose Absorbents
  • Oil Only Absorbents
  • Chemical Absorbents
  • Drain Protection and Other Absorbents
  • Absorbent Stations

Absorbent Stations

The Censol designed Absorbent Stations are in their most simplest form; a place to keep your Oil Absorbents, Low Linting Wiping rolls, Wet Wipes and Spill Kit products in one handy place on the shopfloor. They come in two main formats:

  • Absorbent Stations (Managed System) - No Initial Outlay, an audited system to track product consumption, reduce product wastage
  • Absorbent Stations (Bought outright) - can solve the problem of people using Spill Kits that are designed just for emergencies. By having a bought Absorbent Station in full view of the shop floor people can easily get at Absorbents for everyday spills
Absorbent Stations

Spill Containment

Legislation in the UK is now enforced on companies that keep drums, IBC's and other containers of liquids/Oils etc. All these containers now must be bunded with some type of Spill Containment.

  • Bund Tray and Pallets
  • IBC Bunded Pallets
  • Bunded Trolleys
  • Bunded Workfloors
  • Drum Bund Accessories

Spill Kits

Spill Kits come in different size containers/bags and contain special absorbent materials to soak up and absorb a pill or leak. They are available for chemical, oil or general purpose fluids, and are designed to assist your company in complying with Pollution Prevention Guidelines and other regulations.

Censol provide Spill Kits between 10 litres and 1100 litres depending on your requirements. All kits come in General Purpose, Oil Only and Chemical.

Spill Kits
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