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For over 80 years Central Patternmaking has been a leading supplier to the UK’s foundry industry.

We offer a bespoke service, with all tools designed and manufactured to each customer’s unique specification.

Our foundry tooling was once hand-made by craftsmen. Now we apply the latest CADCAM technology to produce tooling of the highest quality within ever-shorter lead times.

With our multiple CAD systems we accept 3D CAD models from our customers in any neutral or native format. From these we produce tooling CAD models which are submitted for customer review prior to manufacture. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we have the optimum tooling solution designed before CNC machining commences. All tooling is CMM inspected, and inspection reports can be supplied upon request.

Jig and Fixtures

Central Patternmaking offers a full design and manufacturing facility for the supply of jigs and fixtures to suit the specific requirements of each individual customer.

All designs are based upon full customer liaison to ensure that all aspects of the resultant application have been considered and incorporated.

Our checking fixtures, whether for gap, flush or attribute checks, are used on components such as:

  • Exterior trim including side valances and bumpers
  • Pressings
  • Heat shields
  • Interior trim including A, B, C and D pillars

Holding fixtures supplied by Central Patternmaking are currently in use in a variety of applications, including:

  • Automotive track side assemblies including bonnet and tailgate badge location, exhaust finisher location jigs and sub assembly jigs
  • Machining of components/assemblies
  • Holding fixtures for CMM validations
  • Holding fixtures for DTI appraisal

All fixtures are supplied with a full CMM inspection report and, if necessary, an R&R study can be provided.

Jig and Fixtures

Composite and Motorsport Tooling

We are a direct supplier of tooling to multiple Formula One teams and to intermediary suppliers of carbon fibre parts.

We have a reputation for excellence, borne from the quality of our service and our on-time delivery performance. Our flexibility enables us to respond quickly to our customers’ changing requirements, which only enhances our position as a key supplier in this sector.

Speed and reliability of supply are essential. Quality is a given. The latest CADCAM technology and multi-axis CNC machining centres, supported by a temperature-controlled CMM facility, mean we are fully equipped to meet all of your composite and motorsport tooling requirements.

We offer:

  • Tooling board patterns and moulds
  • Aluminium moulds and mould assemblies
  • Tooling board and aluminium jigs and fixtures
  • High density tooling board and aluminium press tooling
Composite and Motorsport Tooling

Mould Tooling

Working with supplied component CAD models, designs are created for single or multiple impression mould tools to suit each customer’s specification and individual requirements. Mould tools produced by Central Patternmaking are used to manufacture components for the automotive, medical and aerospace industries for a range of processes, and include:

  • PU foam tools
  • RIM tools
  • RTM tools
  • Epoxy resin tools
  • Vacuum forming tools

As part of the CAD design process we include customer-specific requirements such as:

  • Contraction
  • Tool location and clamping tool release features
  • Waterways for heating
  • Insert inclusion for undercuts or the retention of fixers, particularly in the polyurethane industry
  • Operational features, such as hinges, counter balances or gas struts for free standing tools
  • Retaining locations/fixers for tools being used in presses

The mould tools can be supplied as either prototype tools produced from tooling board, or as aluminium or steel production tools.

Mould Tooling
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