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Electrical Design Software

Electrical Design Software

Electrical design software for specialist military and emergency vehicles, construction machines, marine, aerospace and the tier one supply chain servicing these markets.  We also have electrical design software for the Automation industries.

Centricity Consulting are specialists in providing products and services to companies and professionals engaged in mechatronic system design, simulation and manufacture. Whether it is electrical wiring systems and harnesses or point-to-point panel wiring for industrial automation control,  we have the best electrical design software solution for you.

Our services include:

  • Developing strategies to implement new CAD tools and processes
  • Migration planning and transfer of legacy data into new design tools
  • Creation of interfaces to in-house MCAD, ERP, PDM, PLM with ECAD wiring design tools

VeSys Electrical Series Design Software Tools

VeSys 2.0 is a suite of electrical design software tools specifically developed by wiring professionals to satisfy the demanding requirements of the industry. VeSys 2.0 comprises two applications: 

VeSys Design
For creation and analysis of electrical systems diagrams. 

  • Rapid circuit design with intuitive user interface
  • Simulation that validates the electrical design
  • Highlight short-circuit, voltage-drops, fuse and wire sizing errors
  • Automatic reports: Bill of Materials, Wire Cutting Lists

VeSys Harness
For detailing of Harness designs and formboard layouts, creation of manufacturing documentation and automatic generation of bills of materials.

VeSys 2.0 software will bring real benefits to automate many aspects of your job, reduce time to market, and improve product quality.

VeSys 2.0 is powerful but simple to deploy and use. Because VeSys 2.0 shares the same architecture as CHS, Mentor Graphics' premium design and analysis tool suite, organizations can readily upgrade their VeSys 2.0 data to Mentor's more powerful CHS electrical design product line. Alternatively, VeSys 2.0 users can share component, symbol and simulation model libraries with CHS users.

VeSys Electrical Series Design Software Tools

Harness Expert Electrical Design Software

Harness Expert is a unique 3D harness routing and layout electrical design software tool, and the only stand-alone solution in the world for efficient 3D design and routing, documentation of wire harnesses and 2D nailboards. 

Integrated with most of the popular mechanical 3D CAD systems, MCAD models can be used by Harness Expert as physical mechanical templates to route wire harnesses through.

Harness Expert calculates in real-time the actual values for wire and cable length, bundle diameter as well as cost and weight.

The embedded report generator automates the creation of material and labour time calculations, wire-run lists, BOMs, data-sets for controlling wire and cable harness assemblies.

Harness Expert comprises four modules in a single application:

Harness Expert Librarian is the library editor. Library parts can be user defined or imported from vendor websites.
Harness Expert Designer is the 3D environment in which the mechanical models are loaded and the wire harness design is performed.

Wire Harness Nailboard generates a 2D Nailboard/formboard from the 3D harness, by flattening the 3D harness to a 2D drawing.

Harness Expert Report is the tool to generate the necessary manufacturing reports.

Harness Expert Electrical Design Software

Cabling 4D Electrical Design Software

Cabling 4D electrical design software represents excellent value for the small to medium sized enterprise. Complete with fully integrated schematic and wire harness detailing tools, Cabling 4D will automate many of the manual tasks done by smaller specialist workshops.

Cabling 4D is the ideal tool for the design and production of electrical harnesses in all sectors; from automotive & off-road to household appliances. Easy and intuitive to use, Cabling is an all-in-one tool which provides two design environments for the creation of wiring diagrams and harness layouts. Both environments communicate with each other to share and update design information.

Cabling 4D Electrical Design Software

CHS (Capital Harness Solutions)

CHS (Capital Harness Solutions) is Mentor Graphics flagship electrical design software package. CHS is a fully integrated application suite for electrical system design, electrical analysis, system integration, wiring design and harness engineering.

 There are tools to cover every aspect of the design lifecycle. Targeted at larger enterprises that have highly complex design and data management requirements. CHS is the world leader in electrical design software tools.

CHS Design Flow offers powerful embedded data management capabilities (vehicle configuration management, design comparison, data sharing, etc). Productivity is enhanced by modern technologies (wiring synthesis, interpretive analysis, diagram synthesis, etc). CHS Design Flow is architected for large organizations (multi-user, multi-site) with powerful enterprise integration capabilities. 

CHS (Capital Harness Solutions)

Training - Education Services

Centricity delivers on-site courses that enable users to acquire the knowledge and skills to allow them to quickly and effectively implement any of our software tools.

In our experience, it is important for users to master the full range of features associated with any software package thoroughly, both during the introductory period and with day to day use. Proper training is necessary in order to ensure that the system is used cost effectively within the shortest period of time, and also to enhance the level of performance achieved.

If you would like an on site training courses or more information, please contact us or call us on +44 (0)1795 842 702.

Alternatively please click below to register for one of our upcoming public training days.


  • VeSys 2.0 Design    (Two Days)
  • VeSys 2.0 Harness  (Two Days)
  • Harness Expert         (Four Days)


Consulting and Professional Services
Centricity Consulting provides training and deployment services for all of the products we supply.

Deployment and Best Practices
One of our experienced consultants can work as a member of your team to provide advice on how best to deploy any of our products in your company's environment.
Consultancy and Custom Software
Centricity can provide consultancy and bespoke software programming services to assist companies to integrate with existing systems or undertake company specific enhancements to any of our products.
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Customer Support

Welcome to Centricity Consulting Customer Support

The Centricity Consulting customer support services team is committed to a comprehensive and quality service that meets our customers' business and technical requirements.

If you have any support queries please email us
  Premier Annual Support and Maintenance

Purchased on a per license basis this entitles the user to: Regular product maintenance updates including product enhancements
Access to a password controlled support web site which includes:
  • Web support request form
  • Online technical library
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Product update downloads
Netmeeting, email and/or other similar technologies can be used to facilitate desktop sharing, share drawings, etc. to assist in the resolution of issues.
On Site Support

On site support can be provided as Expert User Days involving one-on-one support which may include:  
  • Best practice consultancy
  • Developing a "best practice" documented process
  • Integration and deployment with in-house enterprise systems
  • One-to-one coaching for key users, design reviews etc.
This is designed to motivate a product champion within your organisation who will help to encourage best practice and best use of our software tools.  This in turn helps to ensure that your organisation will achieve the maximum return on your investment in our products in the minimum amount of time.
On site support is provided on a day basis rate.
If appropriate we would engage with our partners to provide longer term project support to our customers.

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