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We have over thirty years experience in servicing and installing Compressors, Refrigerated Dryers and Pipe work.   

We pride ourselves on excellent Customer Services and competitive prices.

We provide Breathing Air Testing to COSHH regulations and are an Authorised Distributor for Boge Compressors, all Boge Screw Compressors are supplied with a FREE 5 Year Warranty, giving you added reassurance that you will be cared for by fully trained engineers after the purchase of your equipment.

However, if you are looking for reconditioned units, we also have a variety in stock, these can be supplied and installed at a reasonable cost.

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Boge Compressors

CL Direct Drive Compressors
Screw compressors as never before:
All components in one module - extremely silent and flexible, extendable for small and medium compressed air demands.

C Series Compressors
Compact, efficient, very quiet: The space saving C series screw compressors are designed for long - term performance. Even at full load operation the compressor operates reliably and safely at optimum efficiency providing a long service life.

S Series: S10 to S29-2
Dependable Output: Boge S series screw compressors are designed for flexible and reliable operation in every situation. These industrial compressors can be stand alone or tank mounted with or without a dryer. The high quality workmanship and efficient compact design stand for a long and reliable service life. They are available in 8, 10, or 13 bar pressures and this range covers free air delivery between 42 cfm to 122 cfm.

S Series S31-2 to S341
Larger volumes of compressed air: These units built to high specifications and fitted with the specially designed BOGE air ends provide high output volumes at low energy consumption - for reliable energy efficient compressed air supply. The BOGE compressors are designed with a valve-less oil circuit eliminating the need for oil stop or oil check valves. They are available in 8, 10 or 13 bar pressures. Their compressed air outputs range between 137 cfm to 1225 cfm

SF Series SF15 to SF150 Frequency Controlled Compressors
For maximised efficiency and air delivery: This range of frequency controlled screw compressors is ideal for a whole range of volumes of air. The integrated frequency converter ensures a continuous volume flow between 25 and 100 percent by automatically adapting to the momentary air demand of the compressed air system - advantage with big pay back due to distinctly reduced energy costs. Soft starting also avoids undue wear and tear and prolongs service life of the compressor

SLF Series SLF30 to SLF271
Best specific working point:
When frequency controlled the SLF series compressors automatically adjust to the air demand whilst controlling the pressure perfectly. In the event of a change of the pressure value, the output automatically adjusts. A 13 bar machine thus regulated to an 8 bar machine yields a correspondingly higher output - without any expensive remodelling or design related modifications. The SLF 30 - 40 units are also available as SLDF units with integrated dryers. The SLF range are also direct drive making these units more energy efficiency as there are no losses due to belt drives.

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Boge Compressors

Hydrovane Compressors

HV01 - 04 ( 1 to 4 kW )

For over 50 years Hydrovane has been the market leader in rotary vane compression technology building an enviable reputation for reliability and quality. The HV01 and HV02 series are available as tripod or air receiver mounted units in 240 volts up to 2 kW or 415 volts.

 HV04 - 45 ( 4 to 45 kW )

All the usual Hydrovane Compressor benefits such as low running speed, direct drive, reliability, and low maintenance but now in a vertical format. This adds the extra benefits of smaller footprint, fully enclosed and with reduced noise level. They also come with electronic control and reduced energy venting system (REVS) which gives significant off-load power reduction, instant restart and reduced load start.

The RS version has a fully integrated inverter which is fully interfaced with the electronic controller and is cooled by filtered air flow. These machines are as reliable and easy to maintain as the standard unit but with the added advantage of being more energy efficient.

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Hydrovane Compressors

Air Treatment

  • DR Refrigerant Dryers > The most efficient method of drying compressed air
  • DX Refrigerant Dryers > Compressed air drying can be extremely cost effective
  • Filters > For ultra clean compressed air in extreme conditions
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Air Treatment



Service and repair is the most important part of our business here at C.H. Air & Pump services. Using factory trained engineers we can respond quickly and efficiently to all situations ensuring that our customers have as little down time in production as possible. In order to minimise the possibility of equipment breakdowns we can offer preventative maintenance contracts to suit the customer. All maintenance is recorded on our computerised system enabling us to ensure all service work can be carried out efficiently and on time. As well as our own equipment, Boge and Hydrovane, we are experienced on all major makes such as, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, HPC, Compair, Broomwade, ABAC and Avelair. 


Compressed air equipment like everything mechanical can breakdown and usually at the most inconvenient time. At C. H. Air & Pump Services we pride ourselves in our response times believing that getting compressed air equipment back up and running is vitally important. Where it is necessary to remove the equipment from site we will endeavour to provide backup equipment to keep our customers running. Our workshop is fully equipped to cater for routine maintenance, overhaul or emergency situations.

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For further information please call  01449 723009 or  email us.

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