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Seaweed Meal is a great organic material available for improving soil conditions.  We recommend it for all amenity turf and horticultural applications.  Our seaweed meal is free from contaminants such as weed seeds and can be easily spread by mechanical means.

Seaweed Meal is available in fine, medium or coarse grades and can be easily incorporated into top dressings and composts.

Seaweed Renovator is 60/40 Seaweed Meal and Zeolite

Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid Extract Bio-Stimulant

When minimum nutrition is required, our Seaweed Liquid Extract Bio-stimulant is an ideal way of applying a totally organic plant tonic and soil conditioner.

Features of our Seaweed Liquid Extract  Bio-Stimulant include:

  • Can be applied all year round as a liquid tonic and growth stimulant
  • Contains a wide range of trace elements and minerals
  • Significantly increases mycorrhizal populations
  • Enhances root development, ensuring increased resistance to drought and disease

Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid Extract Fertilizer

Our Seaweed Liquid Extract Fertilzer is ideal for application on golf greens, tees, fairways, sports fields and all other horticultural apllications.  

  • A high concentrate seaweed extract with added Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Chelated Iron, Magnesium, Humic Acid, Amino Acid, natural Sugars and naturally Chelated trace elements, Vitamins B1 and B12

All products are formulated to order in accordance with customers' requirement

Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid Extract Growth Enhancers

An ideal way to apply a soil conditioner and bio-stimulant, our seaweed liquid extract  can be formulated to a customer's specification.

Feature of our Seaweed Liquid Growth Enhancers include:

  • Seaweed Liquid Turf Hardner 0 - 0 -18 +2%Fe +Mg
  • Seaweed Liquid Rootonic 4 - 5 - 6 +Mg + Humic Acid
  • Seaweed Liquid de-agra   Bio-Silicate + 4 - 0 - 10 + Mg 

Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid Tournament Special

  Seaweed Liquid Extract with Nitrogen, high Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Humic Acid and Molasses.
All the benefits of Seaweed to provide tournament conditions.

  • Seaweed Liquid + 4 - 0 - 10 + 6%Fe + Mg +Humic Acid + Molasses
  • Seaweed Liquid + 8 - 0 - 10 + 6%Fe + Mg + Humic Acid + Molasses
  • Seaweed Liquid + 12 - 0 - 10 + 6%Fe + Mg Humic Acid + Molasses


Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid Extract Garden Fertilizers

We supply Seaweed Liquid Extract Garden Fertilizers. They are formulated for top quality growth to ensure healthy, vigorous plants, which produce abundant flowers and foliage.

•Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid Lawn Feed and Moss Control.
•Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid Flower feed for container grown and bedding plants and shrubs.
•Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid Bio-Stimulant Natural, for the organic growers.
•Sea Nymph Seaweed Liquid plus Iron for Ericaceous plants.

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