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Specialists in Foil Printing, Embossing & De-Bossing we are able to offer a reliable, fast and above all quality service to enhance your own products or promotions

We work on a Sub-Contract basis and can print onto most Diaries & suitable Products supplied to us.

Working closely with Trade Stationary Manufactures, Printers , Manufacturer , Promotional Companies or Individuals that prefer to be in control of the cost and product.

Foil Printing

This is an industrial marking process used to make an impression onto many types of materials or products.

Also known as Gold Blocking, Foil Printing, Hot Foil Stamping & Hot Gold Stamping it uses an aluminium foil together with a Blocking Die to recreate Corporate information or Company Logo.

Blind Embossing

This process is similar to Foil Printing however there is no foil applied.

This leaves a raised impression that can be most discreet and effective.

Blind De-Bossing

This process is similar to Blind Embossing. It reproduces the logo or artwork by making an impression onto the product or material.

Most effective on Leather, Diaries or Notebooks.

Diary Printing

Offering our trade services we can apply Foil or Blind De-Boss a company logo onto Diaries supplied by you.

Notebook De-Bossing

Supply your Notebook stock and we will De-Boss company logo or corporate detail onto your notebooks.

Sequential Numbering

Sequential numbering can be applied to Plastic Card stock for clubs or companies.

This can also be applied to Screen Printed labels or Decals.

Personalised Gifts

C and M can supply a small range of recycled leather items personalised with individual names or initials.

An Ideal personalised gift.

Initials and Names

C and M can also personalise items supplied by our customers.

If the item is suitable we can personalise the item with a name or initials.

Contact us to request a quote or discuss suitable items.

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