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At Charnwood we have developed a wide range of animal feeds covering both the UK and International markets. Our experience, gained over nearly 40 years, together with our continual investment in plant and machinery, enables us to produce foodstuffs specifically designed to bring out the best in the animals for which they are intended - however and wherever they are kept. You will find details of our feeds within this site.

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Horse feeds

Charnwood Milling Company have spent much time in research and discussion with prominent experts in equine nutrition, with the implicit intention of producing a comprehensive range of quality horse feeds, which will be beaten by none!
The very strict rules laid down by the Jockey Club regarding prohibited substances, dictated that our production plant should be designed to ensure that feeds can be manufactured completely without the fear of cross contamination

We now feed some of the finest race horses and eventers in the country, and have been very successful, working closely with Owners and Trainers to produce tailor-made rations, individually designed for individual situations.


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Garden & Aviary bird feeds

Charnwood Milling Company offer a wide range of top quality bird foods, both for Garden Birds, and also for Cage and Aviary Birds.  All of the rations are formulated to exceptional specifications, with very high seed : wheat ratios.

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Rabbit feeds


Research tells us that Rabbits require high levels of fibre. We believe that these must be obtained from a combination of Ingredients, so that passage of food through the animal is controlled, thus avoiding the problem of compaction in the caecum, which has been a problem to so many rabbit keepers.

We know that, for optimum reproduction, growth and condition, these fibre providers must be combined, before feeding, with top quality protein and energy sources, and well balanced Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements.

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Turkey feeds

We are pleased to introduce our new range of “GREEN” Turkey Feeds. With the ever increasing demand for additive-free, natural feeds, and the lack of any registered medication against Blackhead, we have decided to withdraw all Zootechnical Medications from our Turkey feeds from 2005. Although good husbandry is still perhaps the most important criteria for the raising of healthy stock, we will be including two quite natural products, Eimericox, and Protophyt, as an added protection. These products provide plant based essential oils, which have been shown to provide natural, and effective, alternatives for the management of Coccidiosis and of the risk concerning flagellate protozoa.

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Hooked on Angling

Having been involved for many years now in the manufacture of bespoke Ground Baits for some of the leading names in Angling, Charnwood has gained a great deal of experience in putting together Ingredients which will attract a wide variety of fish. This culminated last year in the introduction of our own bait, Fatal Attraction

Over a period of several months we questioned numerous Anglers, and tested many combinations of ingredients, until we were happy that we had the best we could - and then we added more! Most of the commodities known to attract fish are included in Fatal Attraction™ along with carefully selected Amino Acids, oils and proteins - and just an odd secret or two! Fatal Attraction™ pellets are designed to break slowly, and one special addition triggers a (natural) red "mist" which will spread gradually, even to area well away from where you are fishing

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Farm feeds

In addition to all the made up feeds we also stock, for the convenience of our customers, a wide range of Straights, and ancillary feeds and products including:

- All individual ingredients, in bags, for those who prefer to mix their own feeds.
- Wood shavings for bedding.
- A complete range of Provender products for poultry, including Mixed Corn, Whole & Micronized Flaked Cereals.
- Flint grits, Limestone grits and Mixed grits.

Zoo feeds

We offer a range of Zoo feeds such as Camel and Apaca feeds. All feeds have been designed to produce the best possible results

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