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At Check Your Security, we provide integrated security solutions for complex organizations with multiple security and safety needs.

We offer a range of intergrated security solutions, specialist services like 'design and build' security solutions. We provide consulting as well as on-going maintenance and support. Industry sectors we are keen to work with include:

  • Healthcare – private and NHS hospitals
  • Education – universities, colleges , academies, and schools
  • Stadiums – football grounds anf other large public areas
  • Oil & Gas Installations – high security 7,000V fencing systems and integrated CCTV

CCTV Services

As part of our CCTV services, we supply a wide range of cameras including analogue, High Definition (HD), or mega pixel. We also have bomb-proof, thermal, or PTZ cameras available. These are available from among the world's leading manufacturers.

We have a range of products and pricing to offer, so finding the right solution to your needs and budget is a lot closer with our help. 

Our CCTV services include:

  • Cameras
  • Video Managment Systems (VMS)
  • ANPR, DVD / Blu-Ray Incident Recording
  • System Maintenance
CCTV Services

Access Control

As part of our access control systems, we can offer conditional door entry and access to restricted areas. When considering adding security measures, access control is usually considered the primary security solution for most of our customers. We understand how to offer this to our clients using the most flexible and robust IP-based access control systems.

Access Control Services include:

  • Door Entry
  • Help Points and PA Systems
  • Maintenance
Access Control

Security and Intruder Services

To help keep your property, possessions and employees safe and secure, we provide security and intruder services for large businesses and complexes. Intergrated with our other security measures such as CCTV and monitoring, we can offer you provide the security and intruder services you want and need.

Part of service includes:

  • Alarms
  • Lighting and Cabling
  • Maintenance
Security and Intruder Services

Perimeter Fencing

We can install and monitor the further deterrence of electrified, perimeter fencing.

As part of our perimeter fencing service, we provide:

  • high voltage
  • gates and barriers
  • lighting IR and LED
  • maintenance and cleaning
Perimeter Fencing

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