Chefsrange Catering Equipment


We supply a large range of commercial pizza ovens. Manufactured in Italy or America, we can help you to achieve the ideal pizza. To complement our ovens, we supply refrigerated pizza prep tables, topping units, spiral mixers, pizza pans, and pizza presses.

Our commercial pizza ovens include:

  • Gas pizza ovens
  • Electric pizza ovens
  • Single deck models
  • Twin deck models
  • Triple deck models
  • Conveyor pizza ovens
  • Rotating pizza ovens


We offer a large range of commercial chicken rotisseries. We have units that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Our high-speed infrared rotisseries utilise the latest cooking technology. They direct intense heat into the product enhancing the flavour and reduces cooking times. Some models have programmable controls for each individual spit allowing you to cook a selection of products automatically.


Combination Ovens and Convection Ovens

We supply a large range of gas combination ovens, gas convection ovens, electric convection ovens, and Electric Combination ovens.

Some of these ovens can be used along with refrigerated chefs drawers to create a self-contained cooking centre. Please visit our website for more information on our line of combination and convection ovens.

Combination Ovens and Convection Ovens

Fast Food Equipment

At Chefsrange Catering Equipment, we supply a range of equipment designed to meet the needs of the "Fast Food" market.

Please visit our website to browse these unique product offerings. Our fast food equipment is designed for heavy duty use with high powers for fast recovery times -- all essential for busy trading times.

Fast Food Equipment

Cooking and Catering Equipment

We provide high-quality commercial catering equipment. If you are looking for a complete suite of catering equipment, look in our "modular cooking" section or ring us for assistance.

Our range of commercial catering equipment includes:

  • Ranges
  • Fryers
  • Bratt pans
  • Boiling pans
  • Chargrills
  • Griddles
  • Teppanyaki griddles
  • Pasta boilers
  • Salamander grills
  • Combi ovens
  • Convection ovens
  • Microwaves
Cooking and Catering Equipment

Refrigerated and Heated Counter Displays

We supply a large range of retail counter displays and systems. We provide drop-in refrigerated and heated displays allowing you to use your own shopfitters. Additionally, we have range of countertop units for quick and easy display.

These retail counter systems are ideal for the display of:

  • Patisserie
  • Deli
  • Ice cream
Refrigerated and Heated Counter Displays