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Set up in 1979 by ICI Plc at Runcorn, at Chemfreight DGT we offer professional dangerous goods training and consultancy for managers, drivers and anybody else who may be involved.

We have a company belief high quality dangerous goods training will provide an ultimate damage and risk-free solution for all persons and the environments involved in the transport and handling of hazardous goods.

We can offer the following courses with more information on them found in detail on our website.

  • ADR Regulations Training Course
  • ADR Training Workshop
  • ADR Driver Courses
  • Driver CPC Training Course
  • IMDG Course









Driver CPC Training Course

A result of European legislation and to provide a professional and positive image to road transport industries, the Driver CPC is ultimately designed to improve road safety. It provides an improved standard of qualified commercial driver to decrease road casualties.

Driver CPC training courses have an ethos to improve the knowledge and skills of LGV and PCV drivers ensuring their abilities are maintained throughout their working life.

We are one of the approved training centres providing professional driver CPC training courses with examination approval. We have a wealth of information about our courses supplied on our website.

Driver CPC Training Course

CPC Training Courses

CPC training courses are essential solutions for obtaining a Commercial Vehicle Operator's Licence.

We provide intensive CPC training courses providing our candidates for OCR examinations to gain the CPC for national and international freight operations. The courses contain a variety of topics structured in a practical and manageable way.

The first part for Freight National will include:

  • Law
  • Social legislation
  • Financial management techniques
  • Commercial routines and taxation

The second part follows from the first including Freight National transport. The third covers the Freight International with more details supplied on our website.

CPC Training Courses

ADR Training Courses

We can supply various ADR training courses designed to teach various aspects within the topic.

With full details supplied online our selection of ADR training courses include:

  • ADR Regulations Training Courses
  • ADR Workshop
  • ADR Training Course Workshop
  • ADR Driver Training Courses

RID Regulation Training Courses

RID regulation training courses are compiled to teach and familiarise people about how to utilise the RID regulations and recognise their responsibilities within them.

The structure of our RID regulation training courses are listed below:

  • Part 1 - General requirements
  • Part 2 - Classification
  • Part 3 - Dangerous goods list , special provisions, limited quantity and excepted quantity provisions
  • Part 4 - Use of packaging, intermediate bulk containers, large packaging and tanks
  • Part 5 - Consignment procedures
  • Part 6 - Requirements for the construction and testing of packages, intermediate bulk containers, large packaging and tanks
  • Part 7 - Regulations concerning the conditions of carriage, loading, unloading and handling

Chemfreight DGT are Quality Assured to ISO 9001-2000

IATA Training Courses

At Chemfreight we can provide IATA training courses, IATA training - dangerous goods and IATA training that all cover sections that must be comprehended by shippers, agency staff and packers. Our IATA training courses initially verify dangerous goods shipment has to be prepared in accordance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Our courses will enable you to:

  • Understand and apply the IATA Regulations
  • Understand your responsibilities
  • Classify dangerous goods according to the type of hazard and degree of danger
  • Identify proper shipping names
  • Identify dangerous goods forbidden for air transport
  • Understand and apply the information contained in the list of dangerous goods
  • Correctly pack dangerous goods in the appropriate packaging
  • Mark and label packages
  • Document shipments
  • Accept or reject a shipment based on the above

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